Marty Friedman enlists Mateus Asato for an instrumental cover of Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over

Earlier this year, former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman toured Japan to support his latest solo album, Tokyo Jukebox 3. The race included a show in Osaka, which saw an appearance from social media sensation Mateus Asato.

Of course, with the confines of the pandemic, and the fact that Asato resides overseas, he appeared – in a very 2021 fashion – via a video link.

Jammer on an instrumental version of Crowded House Don’t dream it’s over, the couple prove they have the best bends in the business, singing effectively with their guitars and exchanging lots of licks. Check out the performances below.

Marty Friedman has praised Mateus Asato’s play in the past. In March, Friedman said Asato’s eclectic style helped breathe new life into the guitar.

“I love Mateus Asato,” he said, “he’s from Brazil and he’s just a beautiful guitarist … The guitar has just given him a lot of life again and it’s thanks to a lot of people who show how much fun it is and showing the great things you are able to do with the guitar.

“These guys take the instrument to a whole new level. There are so many people who might have given up on guitar without these fun YouTube videos. “

Mateus Asato, who built an Instagram following by posting one-minute sound clips of his game, closed his account on the platform in February and announced he was taking a break from music.

In an Instagram story posted at the time explaining the decision, the guitarist said he had “not played a guitar in three weeks.”

“Honestly, I don’t remember staying that long away from my source of creation,” he said. “It’s very strange because I don’t even feel the thrill of grabbing my guitar to enjoy the goodness and blessings that music creates on us artistically.”

While he remains inactive on Instagram, Asato resumed his musical activities: in March, he teamed up with the singer-songwriter of LA Annalé on his track Bye, and most recently recorded an acoustic remix of DJ Snake’s 2021 single with Selena Gomez, Selfish love.

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