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Most everyone has seen the viral video of the Florida Man picking up an alligator with his trash and then letting it go back to the swampy area in front of his house.

This epic piece of the video deserves an equally epic ballad, and songwriter Jonathan Mann delivered.

“Florida man, Florida man, catch an alligator in a trash can, if you can’t do it nobody can,” says the song, which has an infectious melody and clever lyrics extolling the virtues of the credits “Man. of Florida ”. “

A man in Orlando, Florida took matters into his own hands when a large alligator was found lying in front of his house.

Mann told us via Zoom that he considers Eugene Bozzi, the man in the video, to be somewhat iconic.

“Every time I see someone doing something like that which you know automatically becomes in my mind like a people here, he tells stories about the legend of Florida Man, the guy who catches alligators in his trash can. Mann said.

Mann lives in Connecticut, where he literally writes a song every day.

“I actually have the Guinness World Record for most days in a row writing a song, it’s a record that didn’t exist before I did, but now it’s a thing,” said Mann.

He is often inspired by things that are happening here.

“There’s something going on between the rest of the country and Florida that I’m intrigued with,” Mann said.

It’s unfair, I replied, but Floridians both resent the stereotype but also celebrate it.

“Okay, and that’s kind of what I was trying to achieve with the song,” Mann said. “It was a great story, like from start to finish when he did it and then let it go, there’s kind of a redemptive quality to the Florida man in that video.”

Florida Man of the Time himself, Eugene Bozzi, was on MSNBC Friday afternoon.

“Netflix, give me a show, I’m ready!” said Bozzi. “I love animals, I never intentionally meant to hurt the animal, so I’m glad it was safe and it came back, I’m glad no one was hurt.”

Bozzi said he saw the alligator outside his home on Mount Dora and had to improvise a way to keep him away from his children. He noticed the trash can and thought it might work.

“I picked it up and delivered it to its natural habitat, it felt great,” Bozzi said.

Everything is celebrated in the song.

“You do different things in the south, right in the trash can mouth, go down to the swamp, let it out, come on now, Florida Man,” Mann sings. “Florida man, you are very slandered, this is how our country was designed, but we need you, Florida man, to catch those alligators in the garbage.”

Listen to the full song below:

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