MEGADETH guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO invited MARTY FRIEDMAN to perform on an open source solo album “To show that music is not competition”

Guitar World posted an in-depth review of Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro’s latest solo album, Open Source, with an interview. When the record broke, Loureiro addressed his decision to have the former guitarist of Megadeth Marty Friedman as guest on the track “Imminent Threat”.

Loureiro: “One of the worst things on the internet is the way people compare you to other guitarists. I’m exaggerating, but over the past five years most of the phrases on the internet that contain ‘Kiko’ and ‘Megadeth “have” Marty Friedman “in the same paragraph, don’t they?” I prefer Kiko! “or” I prefer Marty! ”

I thought the biggest message would be to have Marty Friedman (on the record), not only because he was the guy from Megadeth, but to show that music is not a competition. The best way to show that I’m in this open source collaborative vibe is to bring the guy in as a guest. “

Read the full review and interview here.

Loureiro was released in Open Source in July 2020. Get the album here, and find a full audio stream below.

List of tracks:

“EDM (e-Spirit Dependent)”
“Imminent threat”
“Liquid times”
“Vital signs”
“Black ice”
“Running with the bulls”
“Of the world”

Album feed:

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