Music Monday Featured Artist: Bobby Watson

Southern Country Rock artist Bobby Watson got his start like many have, with a parent who had a fondness for music and encouraged the transmission of that talent. “My dad was in the navy so his hobby was playing a bit and recording his own stuff at home, but my mom is a great singer and she used to sing in any town where we lived. She encouraged me to sing at shows. of hers where I was, and like any teenager, I wasn’t very interested, but I did it and it was a great experience for me.

“My first girlfriend played guitar and that’s what really pushed me to play. You know…girls always push us to get things. Watson burst out laughing. “After going to college, I started playing more at parties, tailgates and things like that. I really started getting into country music and loved all kinds of music, even old soul types like Otis Redding and The Withers, but I also stylistically love southern rock like the Allman Brothers and Chris Stapleton.

During a college break, Watson called his father and told him he would like to record music when he next visited. He started recording a handful of country covers, then went back to school and forgot about it. Little did he know, his mother took those recordings and sent them to a handful of labels in Nashville. Bobby once got a random call from a small label that said they liked what he had sent and invited him to come to Tennessee to play for them. Just like that Watson, at just 20, had a crew and a producer who wanted to help him grow as an artist. He left school and moved to Nashville from Florida to live in the family trailer and pursue music.

Watson occasionally performs with friends around town and continues to write her own songs. Another artist living in Nashville, originally from San Diego, invited Bobby out west to play with his band for a summer. While there, Watson met his now wife Paula, an Australian beauty who was working in the United States for the season. After that summer, Watson returned east to finish school, then decided that traveling was what he wanted to do. From studying abroad in Panama to moving to the UK and Australia with Paula, music fell by the wayside. Fast forward a few years and back to the States, that musical spark rekindled and Watson began writing and performing again.

Now, with a few EPs released and numerous singles under her belt, Watson is in the process of finishing a new album. The new project will be a real showcase of who Watson is as an artist with a unique sound rooted in the country, but not really dedicated to one genre. Follow Watson on his social media for updates on new music and release date announcements!

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