Nagaland-based singer-songwriter Sosin Naomi’s single Be OK revolves around themes of vulnerability

Sosin Naomi releases her first single Be OK

As a little girl, she was curious about everything around her. She had no idea that all of the stories and experiences of the people she grew up watching will one day be incorporated into the lyrics. When you listen to Sosin Naomi, 23, singer and songwriter from Nagaland, you realize that she brought her keen eye for observation to her first single. To agree which consists in finding hope in the time of the pandemic. “Seeing people cope with the pain and loss of their loved ones, including the state of their mental health during the pandemic, made me write this song,” begins Sosin, who intends to convey the message of finding hope and bring a sense of calm in times of grief and trial.

Sosin Naomi

Born and raised in an environment surrounded by music, since both of her parents were music lovers, she paved the way for him to start singing at the age of nine. Sosin tells us that she has been exposed to a variety of genres including country, rock and blues and draws her inspiration from Shania Twain, HER and John Mayer. “I started music as a hobby and soon realized that it meant more than that; then I started to work seriously on myself and on the music, ”she recalls. The bright and fresh pop track To agree, although revolves around themes of vulnerability, hardship and love with lyrics about mourning, the song still manages to give a calming effect with a calming bassline juxtaposed to Sosin’s melodious vocals.

Bachelor artwork
Bachelor artwork

“My producer and I made sure it sounded fun to bring the feeling of calm,” shares the singer, who is currently in Delhi working on her next projects. Hailing from a state that has a variety of folk music, Sosin wants to experience local music. “I am very keen to learn how to integrate Naga folk music into my work because that is where my identity and place lies. I would like to share this part of me with the world one day, ”concludes Sosin.

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