New Decksaver sleeves – Winter ’22 drop Leeds, UK – February 15, 2022

We are pleased to confirm details for the Decksaver Winter 2022 drop, which will launch in February.

We are delighted with the new range, which includes a total of 28 new Decksaver covers – our biggest drop yet – for a wide range of DJ, music and lighting gear. The complete Decksaver range now exceeds more than 310 covers.

For the DJ, we have lids for Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3, Numark Mixstream Pro and Denon DJ LC6000 Premium, which will certainly be in high demand. In addition to the range of rotary mixers, there are also covers for the Omnitronics TRM-402 and his younger brother, TRM-202.

Joining last year’s Wolfmix W1/ADJ WMX1, the new lighting unit from SoundSwitch (the Control One)will also soon be protected on the go with an in situ Decksaver.

Building on the July 2021 launch of our first-ever pedal pedals for Strymonwe added the NightSky / Flying to the range with the ever so popular Eventide H9 and 3 switches pedals (the latter adapting to the Space, ModFactor, PitchFactor and TimeFactor models). These popular units will also be joined by a set of covers for the Boss 200 and 500 seriesas well as the world’s best-selling effect pedal – the Boss Single Pedal.

But it’s not everyone’s guitar, with the welcome addition of studio or on-the-go protection for four excellent multi-effects units from the good folks at HeadRush; namely the Pedalboard, Gigboard, Looperboard and MX5.

For studio and live sound, we’re really excited to bring covers for the Tascam Model 12 and SSL SiX mixers, while in addition to SSL are covers for UF8 and CPU1 controllers. RME make great interfaces and the Babyface Pro FS will also see a cover in production this time around.

For synths, there are covers for music-making machines such as the Behringer MonoPoly and Eurorack Gomore the Dreadbox Typhoon and Conductive laboratories, the editor’s note arpeggiator.

And finally, to keep the machine as fresh as the beats it creates, we’re really excited to cover the ISLA Instruments S2400; the modern reproduction of E-mu’s legendary SP12/1200.

Full details of the Drop are below. The covers are shipped end of February 2022.

The full range of covers for Winter 2022:

Cover Denon DJ LC6000 Prime
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 cover
Numark Mixstream Pro Case

Omnitronic TRM-402 cover
Omnitronic TRM-202 cover

Case Tascam Mixcast 4
SoundSwitch Control One cover

UC1 solid state logic cover
Solid State Logic UF8 cover

Cover RME Babyface Pro FS and MADIface Pro
Behringer X-Touch One case

Behringer Eurorack Go Cover
Behringer Monopoly Blanket
Cover Dreadbox Typhoon
Conductive Labs Editor’s note coverage
Lid ISLA Instruments S2400

Tascam model 12 cover
Solid State Logic SiX cover

Cover Strymon NightSky & Volante
Boss Boss 500 series cover
Boss Boss 200 series cover
Boss Boss Stomp Box Cover
HeadRush MX5 Cover
HeadRush Pedal Cover
HeadRush Looperboard Bag
HeadRush Gigboard Bag
Case Eventide H9 & H9 Max
Eventide 3-switch cover (fits Space, ModFactor, PitchFactor, TimeFactor)

IK Multimedia Fender 2 Collection

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