NEW FOUND GLORY guitarist CHAD GILBERT has been diagnosed with a spinal tumor

Guitarist Chad Gilbert from the longtime pop-punk band NEW FOUND GLORY was diagnosed with a new spinal tumor.

GilbertThe latest health setback comes less than a year after he was diagnosed with pheochromocytoma, a rare type of tumor that develops in the adrenal glands, small glands located at the top of the kidneys. A week after his December 2021 diagnosis, the 41-year-old musician underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor and declared in late January that he was “cancer free”.

Earlier today (Monday August 15),Chad posted the following statement via social media: “Dear friends! I had very severe back pain on tour (which can happen when jumping with a heavy guitar). I went home early for an MRI. Unfortunately, we found a new Pheochromocytoma tumor in the 12th vertebra of my spine pinching my nerves I’m going to have surgery tomorrow to remove almost everything then hit what’s left with some fancy radiation Scary stuff but it’s all a question small victories.

“Every day we have fun in the hospital and we feel lucky with so many things and God’s timing with it all. If I hadn’t gone on tour and inflamed my tumor, I wouldn’t have known enough sooner that it was here! Then the love and support of my band got me home to get scanned. Knowing me, if the pain keeps me from playing a gig, that’s bad. We also found out that I have very small nodules on my lungs, but my amazing team feels very confident that it’s manageable and at an early stage compared to where I was last time My vitals and my heart are excellent this time. By advancing with today’s amazing technology, I can get a lifelong treatment that keeps everything at bay. Like living with a disease but it’s not life threatening, I don’t have more to guess if she will come back and i can just relax.

“So I ask for any prayers, hopes, fingers crossed or anything you do for the people you care about at times like these. For my rock solid angel of a woman @lisacimorelli and our beautiful dream of a baby, Lily Gilbert. Hoping to be home recovering on Friday or Saturday!

“For anyone struggling with intense health issues and illnesses. I’m here with you. Do your best to make the most of it and try not to waste too much time on fear. Process your emotions , but no one ever has time certain, with or without good health. We are all the same. Try to love and influence where you are and what is around you and look at the depth of the people around you. See how amazing it is that all of these people have been on their own journeys and are now connected to you for whatever reason. From doctors to nurses to the person cleaning your hospital room , everyone’s story has an impact.

“Lots of love to everyone! Can’t wait to be back. See you soon!”

Last year’s diagnosis of pheochromocytoma was not Gilbertis the first cancer scare. In 2010, he underwent thyroid surgery to remove a suspicious lump. While recovering from this operation, the guitarist Antoine Raneri of DECREASE intervened for Gilbert on NEW FOUND GLORYthe tour.

In December 2021, NEW FOUND GLORY gave fans an early Christmas present – a holiday album, “December is Here”available now through Hopeless Records. NEW FOUND GLORY helped fans get into the holiday spirit with eleven original songs, including singles “Dark Christmas” and “Holiday diaries”.

Earlier in 2021, NEW FOUND GLORY released a new deluxe album, “Forever and ever x infinity…and beyond!!!”“Forever and ever x infinity…and beyond!!!” featured six new songs the band wrote and recorded during the pandemic, including singles “Back seat” and “The Last Red Eye”.

NEW FOUND GLORY is Gilbert, Jordan Pundik (main voice),Ian Grushka (bass guitar) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums).

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