One Song, One Book, One Dish with Wayne Duvenhage

You might have heard his name on the news, so get to know this South African businessman a little better with a song, a book, a dish.

John Perlman spoke to Organization Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) Managing Director Wayne Duvenhage to take a closer look at some of his favorite things.

Outa’s Wayne Duvenhage. Photo: EWN

Duvenhage grew up in Newcastle and said the dinner table was always a space for heated debate and discussion of difficult topics, and this carried over into his family life into adulthood.

He said he was always one to challenge the status quo and oppose authority, even when it had consequences.

I had to be caned a number of times just for defying the establishment.

OUTA CEO Wayne Duvenhage

Growing up, dinner was always more about talk than food.

But now, if he’s in the mood for something tasty, his favorite dish is eisbein with extra crispy crackers.

His favorite books show the depth of his interest in activism as he chose Ecological Intelligence by Dr. Ian McCallum and Manifesto by Songezo Zibi which both look at issues affecting society.

Finally, when it comes to music, his favorite is an old classic The logical song by Supertramp, saying its meaning was close to his heart.

Listen to the audio above to learn more.

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