PharmaResearch Acquires Bone Graft Composition Patent Registration in China

PharmaResearch filed its patent in China following its filing in South Korea with a view to entering global bone disease markets.

PharmaResearch (CEO Shin-kyu Kim, Ki-seok Kang) announced on April 22 that a patent application for a bone grafting composition using nucleic acid has been granted in China.

The patent is titled “Bone graft kit for making nucleic acid, bone graft material and composition for use in bone grafting.”

The main features of this kit are to promote the fixability of the bone graft material in the area of ​​the bone defect and at the same time to improve the convenience of the surgical procedure with exceptional cohesion.

With a patent already registered in South Korea, this technology is effectively used in many bone-related diseases as it can be applied in various areas and types depending on the preferences of the operator. Patent registration in China is expected to play a vital role in diversifying the treatment of bone diseases.

“I am happy that this patented technology can finally be used to treat bone disease in China,” said a PharmaResearch official. “We will remain committed to expanding patent registration beyond China and eventually entering global markets.”

PharmaResearch is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the production and sale of regenerative medicine, medical devices, cosmetics and health supplements based on tissue regeneration substances, DOT™ PDRN and DOT™ PN. Leading products include Rejuran®, Conjuran®, Rejuran Cosmetics and Re-An® eye drops.

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