Premiere: Singer-songwriter Andrew Combs finds grace with “(God)less”

Finding beauty in the chaos of our world, Nashville’s Andrew Combs traps despair within hope in “God(less)”, the lead single from his upcoming new album, “Sundays”.
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Our imperfect human existence, even in its harshest and ugliest form, can be beautiful, dignified, and God-like.

EEverybody makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. This is known more than ever today, as people are more willing to be vulnerable and to open up about how they really feel. The battle to normalize mental health issues plods on, letting those who fight it know that they are by no means alone. At least not as alone as they might once have thought.

There is something beautiful in accepting the bad with the good; knowing that just because we are able to do bad things and feel bad, we are still able to do good things and feel so good. It is the power of knowing that feelings are fleeting and that we should always have hope in what is to come. Andrew Combs bottles this desperation with hope in “(Impiousa song that highlights the beauty of our lives and the good of our world.

Sundays – Andrew Combs

Atwood Magazine is proud to present “(God)less”, the first single from Andrew Combs’ upcoming new album. Sundays (released August 19, 2022). Combs wrote the songs for her next album after suffering a nervous breakdown. This experience led to an album that was less American and a little darker, reflecting the artist’s state of mind. Combs collaborated with Jordan Lehning and Dominic Billet to create this album. They went to the studio every Sunday, which ultimately led to the title of the album.

In Combs’ words, “(God) without” is about how our flawed human existence, even in its harshest and ugliest form, can be beautiful, dignified, and God-like. The message of the lyrics felt like a great album opener because, at its core, the record is about slowing down and finding grace and significance in the chaos of the world right now.

Beginning with bluesy guitar plucks and peaceful anthems, Combs’ delicate vocals resonate,

Shame, shame on you and me
Too bad for all to see
The Flood of Deception.
Words, words heard from the shroud
Turn into the words you shout out loud
I’m just looking for attention.
Yet we are capable of such a mess,
God still lives in ungodliness

A drumbeat joins the second voice as Combs adjusts and strengthens his voice to sing these next words,

Real, what is even real?
Watch my pencil spill
All this truth on paper.
So sing, sing if you can stand.
Stand up if you can clap your hands
One more trick for the manufacturer.
Yet we are capable of such flourishing happiness
God still lives in ungodliness
[Look around]

As Combs begs the listeners to look around, the song breaks off for a solo, allowing them to do just that before he sings the final chorus,

Yeah we’re capable of such a mess
And God still lives in ungodliness
In the impiety
In the impiety
Andrew Combs © Alysse Gafkjen
Andrew Combs © Alysse Gafkjen

Combs digs deep to get vulnerable with this song.

It tackles those inner insecurities and moments of panic that most of us have, while remembering to save the positivity for what comes next. The instrumentation matches his uncertainty with that hope, allowing us to feel exactly what he feels. Be sure to listen and remember to keep hope alive!

Stream “(God)less” exclusively on Atwood magazine. Andrew Combs’ Sundays is set to be released on August 19, 2022 via Loose Records (UK/EU) and Tonetree Music (US digital).

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Stream: “(God) Without” – Andrew Combs

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Sundays - Andrew Combs

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