Queen’s guitarist Brian May tested positive for COVID-19

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the rocker’s Instagram account. You can see May detailing her journey with the virus via Instagram below.

May shared a photo of a positive COVID-19 test on Saturday (December 18). Underneath the photo he wrote: “Yes. The shocking day has finally arrived for me. The dreaded double red line. And yes – definitely NO sympathy please – it’s been a really horrible few days, but I will. well. And I will tell the story. PLEASE be very careful, my friends. This thing is incredibly transferable. You really don’t want this to ruin YOUR Christmas. “

And tell the story, he did. He has posted three more times on how he is dealing with the disease. He noted under another photo of a positive test that his immune system was believed to be winning the battle against the “invader” with three doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

He then posted two videos of himself detailing his “life after the double red line”. He explained how he and his wife were “incredibly careful” and “like hermits” but took the risk of going to a birthday party last week. He said everyone there had been “tripled,” meaning they had all received three doses of the vaccine and passed COVID tests on the morning of the party. He thought they were in a “safe bubble”, so they decided not to wear masks.

He added: “You kind of have to decide what your priorities are, and we did. In retrospect, maybe we made the wrong decision. We could have seen them another time, but that’s it. ‘story now. “

He detailed two “horrible” days and described his experience as “the worst flu you can imagine,” but felt better by the seventh day. He then appealed to his supporters saying, “I cannot stress enough, that was not the response my body would have given on its own. It is that response because I had three bites. Pfizer. And I’m begging and begging you to go get stung if you’re not already, because you need help. “

The UK, native of May, has seen a 53% increase in new COVID-19 cases in the past two weeks due to the Omicron variant, according to New York Times. Earlier this year, May criticized British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic. “At every moment it has been doing too little, too late,” May told the Independent.

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