Review: Crow offers a rocking and exquisite spectacle | Music

Sheryl Crow performs at the 13th Annual Stand Up For Heroes Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden in 2019. She made her Lincoln debut on Tuesday at the Pinewood Bowl.


Sheryl Crow has written a career of memorable songs and is a wonderful singer.

But deep down, she’s a rock’n’roller.

This was just one of the revelations from Crow’s two-hour show on a beautiful Tuesday night at the Pinewood Bowl.

Taking the stage for a Rolling Stones song, the first clue of what was to come, Crow and his band – a classic Stones-style lineup of two guitars, keyboards, bass and drums – set out on “Every Day is a Winding. Road “.

Sweeping that hit, she followed it up with “All I Wanna Do”, another hit that rocked and rolled harder live than on record.

That rock ‘n’ roll spirit was brought home by a couple of covers: a high-tempo, upbeat rendition of “The First Cut Is The Deepest” by Cat Stevens and a raw version of “Everything is” by Bob Dylan. Broken “which saw Crow exchange lines with bassist Robert Kearns.

Appropriately enough, Crow grabbed a harmonica in the middle of Dylan’s song – one of the few instruments she played and played well.

The acoustic guitar was his main tool, making the band ring and train through “Hard to Make a Stand”. The electric piano came out for a beautiful and heartfelt “My Favorite Mistake”.

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