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If you’re the kind of bass player who likes to ponder various permutations and design aspects of any new bass guitar, then Bite might just be for you.

Their levels of customization are extensive and impressive, although with so many options available it will be useful to know exactly what you want to create.

Allow this review to focus your attention a bit. Here we have the Funky Booster Bass, centered on Bite’s existing Jawbone model, with its USP a pair of humbucking pickups that can be converted to single coil for a distinctly different sound.

Funky BITE Booster

(Image credit: Bite Guitars)

Manufacturing quality

The Jawbone model is a Jazz Bass variant – a good place to start. The red alder body has been finished in a glossy Funky Silver finish with Stardust Black Weed graphic artwork; the bass weighs 9.3 pounds (4.2 kg); and although there is some headstock bias, the bass balances very well on a strap, assuming the perfect playing angle.

The front and back curves, cuts, and contours are as expected, and access to the upper regions of the 20-fret maple fingerboard is fairly easy.

The hard maple neck has a matte black satin finish, while the matching headstock comes in gloss black Stardust, complete with signature “bite” headstock.

Funky BITE Booster

(Image credit: Bite Guitars)

The front fingerboard overlay completes the case with black block markers, while white dots have been used along the side of the neck. With a 41.9mm nut width and standard C-shaped neck profile, the neck feel is a little different from a standard Jazz, but it’s no worse. On the contrary, it feels more substantial, without compromising the elegant playability of the historic Jazz neck design.

The level of finish on the neck and frets is impressive, with no sharp edges to hinder your movement. The hardware is sturdy enough and up to the task at hand, and while the Gotoh brass bridge and Bite machine heads might look simple, they prove to be very effective.

The tones of the passive electronics and humbucking pickups can be turned on their head by pulling the tone control up, converting the pickups to single coil units, with the front coil of the neck pickup and the rear coil of the l bridge unit called into action.

Funky BITE Booster

(Image credit: Bite Guitars)

Sounds and gameplay

Right out of the supplied gig bag, the instantly familiar Jazz playability is noticeable – and if you’re the type of player who gravitates towards that smooth feel, you’ll feel right at home. Even before plugging in, the bass delivers a very punchy sound with plenty of depth and warmth to boot, despite the relatively cool D’Addario nickel strings adding a metallic zing to the sound.

You’d think you know how passive pickups will sound in the context of a bass like this, but the proprietary parallel-wired 1000mV pickup design takes everything you might expect and beefs it up with power and detail – what you might describe as “tonal”. zest’.

Soloing each pickup in humbucker mode produces a thick, powerful sound, and engaging the tone control highlights the available colors. The neck unit is very warm with nice high frequency detail, while the bridge unit offers a “barking” midrange and treble presence without sounding harsh.

Funky BITE Booster

(Image credit: Bite Guitars)

Pulling the tone control up changes things dramatically, and the single coil display is radically different – the tone is crisper and clearer with a noticeable degree of finesse.

As a result, the slimmed-down tone that single-coil pickups provide is at your disposal. This is where the pickup design pays dividends, as the signal output is not reduced from humbucker tones.

Players who like to have tonal variations at their fingertips will undoubtedly appreciate this bass: as a passive instrument, it covers a lot of ground. Don’t be put off by the name – it might be called the Funky Booster, but I can see players of all styles putting this instrument to good use and enjoying the playing experience.


The Funky Booster is an impressive instrument, and if that’s any indication of instruments coming out of the Bite stable, I’d suggest it’s a company worth watching.

Its features were selected with the player in mind, and although the price is not pocket money, for a custom bass it is within reach of many players. The Custom Itinerary isn’t for everyone, but it can definitely be an enjoyable trip.


  • THE PRICE: $2500
  • MADE IN: Austria
  • COLOR: Funky silver with stardust black weed illustration, glossy finish
  • BODY: red alder
  • NECK: Hard maple, 34″ scale, matte black satin finish
  • NUT WIDTH: 41.9mm
  • NECK JUNCTION: Four-bolt bolted attachment
  • TOUCHES: Vintage stained hard maple
  • RETRIEVE: Bite 1000mV passive humbucking pickups x 2
  • ELECTRONIC: Passive
  • CONTROLS: Volume, volume, tone (push/pull to activate single coil mode)
  • MATERIAL: Chrome and black hardware, Gotoh brass bridge, Bite Y compact tuners
  • LESTER: 9.25 pounds
  • CONTACT: BITE Guitars (opens in a new tab)

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