Revival of lost appreciation for gospel music – Antonio Newburn is the next songwriter to watch

Channeling his experiences as an Air Force veteran and father, Newburn’s music echoes undertones of classic gospel and new age.

Born in Malvern Arkansas on June 23, 1982, Antonio Newburn is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter who holds special prowess in the field of Gospel music. He just released two promising songs – ‘Sing Your Praise’ was released on April 5, and ‘Teach Me’ was released on April 17. Knowing full well the amount of ambition it takes to succeed in the music industry, Antonio Newburn is set to drop a brand new single on June 23, his birthday, featuring his 7-year-old son. years. The release will be called “Holy Spirit” and will precede another EP currently in the works – which will be released on September 24, 2022, titled “The Gift”.

What makes Newburn’s discography and his style of music-making unique is the fact that his main goal is to always create what he describes as “real music”, i.e. music which forces people to experience emotion in its rawest and purest form. Aspiring to usher in a new kind of music he wants to call “rhythm and praise”, Antonio Newburn believes he was born to create such music. Having always been passionate about learning more about the power music has to create atmospheres, change moods and influence people’s behavior throughout the day, Antonio Newburn hopes to play whatever role he can. to ensure that his music brings people back to reconnect with their creator. , their Lord, their savior – Jesus Christ. This compelling ambition will soon manifest itself in his official debut album, which will be released on January 1, 2023, titled “The Gift and the Sacrifice”.

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Antonio Newburn was born in Malvern, Arkansas on June 23, 1982. He graduated from Little Rock Hall High School in 2001 and became a United States Air Force veteran. Married to Tiffany Newburn, the two have a 7-year-old son named Antonio Newburn II, also known as Tigy.

Their cleaning business took a huge hit in 2019 due to Covid and after losing more than a third of their business, the Newburns are resilient and defiant, hoping to start afresh. Antonio had been making music since he was in high school because he was part of a small group called Spiritual Awakening, in which students had to write songs to each other.

After graduating from high school and the military, Antonio traveled to Texas where he helped start a label called Black hand entertainment, which eventually became the Texas track department – until the studio suddenly disappears.

Having faced obstacles time and time again, he was on the verge of giving up until he met a truck driver named Leo Preston Jr., who rejuvenated his confidence in himself and in music. . Now Antonio shares his music with the world to enjoy, love and connect with God.






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