Rewarding songwriting mixed with memorable and meaningful rap: STAR MONEY stuns with soulful new album



STAR MONEY’s new release, “TAMMY WORLD,” is about to create a storm in the rap world, establishing the budding artist in the vibrant hip hop musical landscape.

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, USA, December 23, 2021 / – With the release of their dynamic new album titled “Tammy World”, and their new single “Juice ft. Memo600”, STAR MONEY is accumulating astounding views and streams, and has established itself as a formidable force in the music industry.

The album “Tammy World” manifests a dedication by the artist in memory of her mother, while testifying to the life and vision of STAR MONEY. The moving new album is complemented by the artist’s recently released videos, interviews and podcasts.

Listeners to STAR MONEY’s latest album will find themselves immersed in a whole new realm thanks to the positive and upbeat energy presented by the new album. With a versatile musical style, the Tammy World brand of STAR MONEY is poised to soar, creating a personality for the artist to be reckoned with in the industry.

In the near future, STAR MONEY hopes to be bigger and better, with the driving goal of being sufficient to support his family. He counts his mother, whom he lost a few years ago, as his greatest motivation, believing that she lives through him, his brothers, his family and their efforts. With each moving new release, the artist hopes to move closer to his dream of making music that matters and fulfilling his dream of growing up and helping his family.

STAR MONEY remains indebted to Memo600 for believing in him and supporting his vision through a rich and scintillating feature film on the single “Juice”.

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Under the leadership of its vibrant brand, Tammy World Records, STAR MONEY strives to bring a new vibe and frequency to the music industry, channeling different styles and rhythms of music.

As a freelance artist, STAR MONEY hopes to cultivate musical compositions that are both inspiring and magnetizing, taking listeners on a musical ride. The talented artist has been writing music since childhood and believes he fully embraced music after developing a predilection for writing poetry, a fundamental step on his path as a songwriter and singer. . Over time, STAR MONEY shifted to adding more beat and beats to support its original lyricism. Growing up Master P, Baby and The Hot Boys, Gucci, Jezzy, Boosie, Soulja Slim, C Murda, Blood Raw and Tucpac were some of the artist’s driving inspirations, catalyzing him to explore his own career in music by expressing real music and real course.



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