Rising singer-songwriter Laurel K Adams mesmerizes audiences with her wonderful melodies and lyrics

Singer of great talent Laurel K Adams brings out the truest emotions of its audience with its stimulating and rhythmic collection.

Music is the medium for expressing one’s deepest thoughts and desires. Young and talented singer-songwriter Laurel K Adams proven itself with its brilliant compositions. She is well known for her incredible singing skills and ability to tell stories. She is determined to bring her positive aura to the masses with her highly positive and vibrant melodic collection. The artist’s breathtaking vocal prowess brings to life the sublime lyrical illustrations she has woven with so much care and thoughtfulness. His creative artistry is predominant in each of his songs, forming a mental connection with the audience.

The born talented artist had been interested in different art forms. She wrote books and poems when she was in elementary school. It was the only thing that could provide him with a safe haven to express his mind. Growing up, she became more and more interested in music and songwriting. She builds her music in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. She wants to free the minds of listeners with her therapeutic music just like her.

Laurel K Adams has captured the hearts of many with covers of popular songs like Hallelujah ‘by Leonard Cohen and’ Knocking On Heaven’s Door ‘by Bob Dylan. She currently works independently and also does her original music. Two of his finest original works are “Dancing In The Eye Of The Hurricane” and “You Need To Let Go”. Listen to his music on Spotify and Youtube. Am here website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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