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FOur decades into such a deep and arpeggiated career as it has been long, self-taught guitarist Johnny Marr is currently in the midst of a flurry of EP releases – Dreams of fever Pts 1-4, which will be compiled into a double album in February.

Since revolutionizing the guitar group with his signature ringing melodies in the Smiths in the 1980s, the prolific guitarist – born Johnny Maher – has rarely stopped to retune. Along with his solo production, Marr was also one of the most avid collaborators of his generation, making time in groups such as Modest mouse and nurseries, as well as her own outfit, the Healers, and Electronic with his compatriot Bernard Sumner.

Friends with Pet Shop Boys and by the way with Oasis, he worked on the score for Creation. Earlier this year, Marr collaborated with Hans Zimmer – and Billie Eilish – on the Bond soundtrack, and next year he’s going on tour with Blondie. Marr’s status as one of the most original electric guitarists of our time rests, of course, on a solid foundation in British folk, best seen in his work with the late Bert jansch.

This is your chance to test Marr. Maybe: does being a die-hard vegan help with his extraordinary work rate? What was he trying to achieve with this introduction of a low-flying plane to How long is now?

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