Singer-songwriter Emerson Hart releases first single from his fourth solo album “Past Conversations in Future Rooms”

“I’m looking for you” cover

Emerson Hart

“I’m looking for you” is about losing something or someone so quickly that you just can’t understand the why or how of the loss. »

—Emerson Hart

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, July 8, 2022 / — Emerson Hart, acclaimed songwriter and frontman of the Grammy-nominated band Tonic, has released the first single, “I Look For You” from his forthcoming fourth solo album. The six-song collection on the EP titled “Past Conversations in Future Rooms” is a look back at the events of Hart’s past with the hope of bringing greater awareness to his future. Hart is known for weaving incredibly complex and personal stories into his lyrics in both his solo work and the band’s songs. Likewise, he describes the songs on “Past Conversations in Future Rooms” as a retrospective of memories from his life that contain both regret and hope for him. Hart says the songs are six personal stories he has set to music that he reflects on and tries to make sense of his experiences.

Beyond the lyrics, many of the songs’ sounds and instrumentation are drawn from Hart’s youth in the 80s, including synths and guitars. Hart shares, “These songs were born and recorded before and during the pandemic at a time when I think most of us were carefully considering where we were in our lives and where we wanted to go.” Hart has spoken openly in the past about his therapeutic journey to self-awareness. He views his writing as part of the cathartic process of reliving, analyzing, and finding new meaning in life’s events.

The EP’s first single, “I Look For You”, is about losing something or someone so quickly you just can’t figure out the why or how of the loss. The more we move away from the loss, the more we accept it and make peace with it. However, the memories linger and occasionally resurface in ways that can make them feel fresh and fused with the present.

Hart is no stranger to writing hits over his 25-year career creating art that resonates with fans and quickly becomes classics. He faces the multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-nominated alternative rock institution Tonic has racked up six Top 10 singles, including “If You Could Only See.” Tonic has sold over 4 million records and toured the world. In addition to his work with Tonic, Hart is also part of a project called Ezra Ray Hart with longtime friends Kevin Griffin (Better than Ezra) and Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray). The trio performs songs from the catalogs of the three groups.

Hart has also built an impressive solo discography. Her debut solo EP, Cigarettes & Gasoline, garnered praise from tastemakers and produced two Top 20 singles. Post and Guitar World, among others. After a rigorous touring cycle, Hart crafted a third solo project, 32 Thousand Days, at his Nashville studio, which was released in 2019.

The six songs from this current EP, which was co-produced by Whakaio Taahi, will be released under bandmate Tonic Dan Lavery’s label Vista 22. The singles cover concept developed in coordination with Patra Sinner of Vista 22 is a series of moon phases that correlate the meaning to the life lesson and the emotions attached to each of the songs. For example, the waning gibbous moon featured on the cover of “I Look For You” symbolizes a need to let go of things lost in the past. Lavery and Sinner believe “[t]it is one of Emerson’s finest solo works. It is surprisingly darker and more instrumental. The vocals are as expected – powerful, haunting and incredible.

“Past Conversations in Future Rooms” is set to continue Hart’s evolution as a solo artist – bringing his past into the future and merging both old and new. All six tracks will be released as singles over the next few months.

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