Singer-songwriter Jamm Rea releases song about patience ‘Kalma Lang’ – Manila Bulletin

Jam Rea

Keeping in shape affects the music of singer-songwriter Jamm Rea, who recently released a new pop-rock single, “Kalma Lang”, a sequel to his 2020 debut, “Parang’ Di Mo Alam”. .

“When I write songs, it’s always about feelings,” says Jamm. “The feeling of joy, sadness and all the other things I’ve been through. And so, it affects my singing and my composition. In a way, my fitness journey has opened up many opportunities and an improved environment.

Although she didn’t consider herself a “gym junkie”, Jamm inevitably fell in love with fitness. “It’s about having goals and believing that the grind never stops. It’s a little weird because I hated playing sports. Now that’s something I can’t live without.

Jamm, 22, remembers attending the 34th Awit Awards in November 2021, seeing herself and being proud of her own progress. “It also led to my personal growth and learnings,” she says.

All of his recent personal accomplishments contributed to Jamm’s latest musical track, “Kalma Lang”, released by Curve Entertainment.

“For years, I put pressure on beauty standards and society,” admits Jamm. “With my gradual transition to self-love, it led me to write a song about patience – ‘Kalma Lang’ – a good time.”

Jamm is a fourth year dental student at CEU (Centro Escolar University) Makati. She juggles her time admirably between her studies and music. She will manifest as a licensed dentist by 2024.

“Right now it will be a challenge I’m up for,” says Jamm. “Similarly, I think it’s best that I maximize the extra time I have and take advantage of any opportunities that arise.”

It was one of those days when she was reeling from the pressures and demands of her studies and Jamm was forced to produce “Kalma Lang.” The pop-rock song will eventually be included in Jamm’s EP (extended play) which will feature a total of five songs, including its lead single and “Paano Na ang Pag-ibig?”

“We strive every day to be the best version of ourselves and sometimes we get lost in the process,” Jamm acknowledges. “That’s the message I was trying to convey with my song. It is to calm down and wait. Waiting for the best things to happen, for this panahon tamang.

“My songs will tell stories of love, youth and research, I will take you on a journey to my EP. The journey is going to be long.”



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