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(Piyal Bhattacharjee /BCCL, Delhi)

monday april 11: On Saturday, the nation’s capital experienced the second-highest April temperature in 12 years as mercury levels hit 42.4C, six units above average. Daytime temperatures on Sunday and Monday remained well above 40C as residents complain of extreme heatwave conditions.

“Am I in a desert? I want to scream “heat waves are faking me” (in reference to a popular English song by Glass Animals)! Summers are harsh in Delhi, but this year it looks like it will be much worse,” said South Delhi resident Shikhar Garg.

Hottest April yet?

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) confirmed that it was the first time in 72 years that Delhi recorded such a high temperature in the first half of April. According to IMD’s monthly forecast released last week, daytime temperatures are expected to remain significantly above normal in Delhi in April.

IMD has also published a amber alert (meaning ‘be prepared’) over Delhi until Monday as severe heatwave conditions are expected to prevail in the nation’s capital. According to the IMD, the nation’s capital recorded a maximum temperature of 43.2°C on April 21, 2017, which remains the highest for April in the past 12 years since 2011. The highest maximum temperature for the month was recorded on April 29. 1941, at 45.6°C.

On Sunday, the maximum temperature of 41.8°C was recorded at the Safdarjung monitoring station, while it reached 43.6°C in Ayanagar. The maximum temperature in other areas was 43.5°C at Najafgarh, 43.4°C at Mungeshpur and Pitampura, 43°C at Ridge and 42°C at Lodhi Road.

Similarly, neighboring Gurugram witnessed a maximum temperature of 43.8°Cwhich was a whopping nine units above average and just one unit lower than the record April temperature of 44.8°C recorded on April 28, 1979 at Gurugram.

Western disruptions bring some respite

Delhi is melting from the scorching summer heat.  (Piyal Bhattacharjee/BCCL Delhi)

File photo of sweltering heat in Delhi

(Piyal Bhattacharjee/BCCL Delhi)

Forecasts suggest that northwest India will enjoy a respite from severe heatwaves from Tuesday, April 12. According to IMD, a new western disturbance is likely to affect the western Himalayan region from the night of April 12, Tuesday.

“Under its influence, maximum temperatures are very likely to drop by 2-3°C in many parts of North West India. -western India are very likely to decline,” IMD said. .

Persistent heat conditions

Over the past 24 hours, maximum temperatures have been 6-10C above normal in most parts of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana and in many parts of India. western Rajasthan.

As scorching conditions persist, dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are real possibilities. Therefore, it is crucial that area residents – especially children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing morbidities – avoid venturing outdoors in the heat, especially during the hours of the winter. afternoon.

The early onset of summer heat was evident in March in the nation’s capital, with mercury levels approaching the 40C mark in the second half of the month. Safdarjung – Delhi’s base station – recorded an average maximum temperature of 32.9C, 3.3C above the average for March. It was the fourth hottest March in terms of daytime temperatures for the month in the past 72 years.

If current trends continue, April 2022 is also expected to rank high among the hottest months on record for Delhi and other parts of northwestern India.

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