SLIPKNOT Guitarist JIM ROOT Releases Signature Strings Via Dunlop

Equipment Gods reports that Slipknot guitarist Jim Root has teamed up with Dunlop to release iconic downtune-friendly strings.

According to Gear Gods: “Finding the right strings to properly handle a tuned six-string can be a bit of a pain. Fortunately, Slipknot guitarist Jim Root has teamed up with Jim Dunlop to create two new sets of strings designed for just that. First there is the Drop A which features .012, .016, .020, .038, .048 and 0.064 gauges, then there is the Drop B set which is a bit lighter at .011 , .015, .020 , .036, .042 and .056.”

From Dunlop: When you’re pumping out rhythmic grooves and twisting extra melodies from muted depths like Jim Root, you need a set of strings that will withstand your onslaught while still listening. He came to Dunlop String Lab to design such a set. Jim selected every gauge and core size to ensure optimum performance, from feel and response to tuning stability.

“These strings give me what I need to get my tone, and they’re comfortable to play no matter what I throw at them,” says Jim‚ “They retain their high-end clarity for a long time, and they’re really consistent from pack to pack – they never break me.”

Order the strings here.

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