Solo songwriters at the Sebastiani Theater

On January 14, FolkYEAH! Productions and Bundschu Co. present a special show featuring two dynamic solo songwriters at the Sebastiani Theater. The 8-hour show will give Sonoma listeners a first glimpse of the Syrian-American singer known as Bedouin. Support will be Southern Californian Shannon Lay.

Bedouine has three albums to his credit, all loosely based on his experiences living all over the world and traveling elsewhere. Her most recent album, the one she will feature at the Sebastiani, is called “Waysides”. She accompanies herself on guitar, her distinctive rich voice giving credit to her lyrics.

Shannon Lay opens the show, and she offered this description of Bedouin: “Her music is very eclectic in its sound. His voice is very specific in the most beautiful way. She has excellent energy on stage, you feel very comfortable watching her. Its tones are magnificent. I am a big fan.”

Lay is delighted to open the show, a role that is not always appreciated by audiences. Born and raised in Redondo Beach, she is an avowed surfer. “It kept me away from the weird issues that teens can have. I was too busy getting sunburned, ”she said.

Struck at her current home in Pasadena, the cheerful Lay spoke very friendly about her career. “I play fingerpicking folk style stuff. I’ve been playing since I was around 18, solo since 2015, ”said Lay.

Lay said, “I had played in the LA area and continued to meet Bedouin in different places. She asked if I could join her on this mini-tour, and I jumped at the chance. I am so excited!

Lay continued, “My inspiration? It’s a lot of real life stuff, what I was going through back then… real life inspiration. I like to put very little pressure on my creativity. It’s very loose.

Lay recently toured Europe, lugging around his new nylon string guitar during his stay. She will play this guitar that has traveled a lot, rather than the usual steel string guitars that people usually play here in Sonoma.

The plan is for the two musicians to perform separately for the 8pm show. It will be a night of stripping, but revealing of personal songs. Tickets are available on Eventbrite. COVID precautions will be strictly enforced.

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