Songwriter Jivelle turns to stone


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Soca and dancehall songwriter, Jivelle Joseph has temporarily changed careers and now masters her skills as a designer of cobblestones and springboards.

The San Fernando resident has taken a break from deejaying and songwriting and is working as a junior mason with his father Hayden Joseph, to create decorative trails for the gardens.

Joseph, 24, said it all started when he tried his hand at making cobblestones for his aunt, and realized it was a lucrative skill to help him take care of his family , which includes her two-year-old daughter. However, he does not give up his career as a DJ since it is his passion.

Jivrelle with completed square and circular springboards.

Jivrelle with completed square and circular springboards.

Innis Francois

“Well as we can see, COVID-19 is just licking everything. There are no DJ jobs at this time. From DJing, I moved on to songwriting.

“I have awards that I received from elementary and high school for writing songs. I have a soca song in store for Denise Belfon, but it’s out of the country at the moment, ”he said.

Joseph, who works for Joseph Sr Construction Company, is currently focusing his creativity on bringing beauty and ambiance to private and commercial landscapes with his signature designs. He made circular and square stepping stones and evolves into octagonal and hexagonal shapes.

He said as the Christmas season approaches, stepping stones are in demand for decorative finishes for home improvement projects.


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