SOULFLY’s New Album Features Several Mysterious Guitarists

soulflyThe next album by will feature “different people” on guitar instead of Marc Rizo. soulfly fired Rizzo on what they said were “personal reasons”, although Rizzo said he left the band because they weren’t supporting him during the pandemic.

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In a new interview with Sofa King Cool Magazine, soulfly leader Max Cavalera said the band is keeping the identities of the guitarists on the album secret and that we should start hearing singles this month.

“We’re keeping that kind of a secret at the moment. But, yeah, there are definitely different people. And I’m very excited. We’ve already played two songs on the tour. We played a song called ‘Filth Upon Filth’ and played us a song called “Superstition”, which is not a cover, it’s an original song. It just has the same name as the other song “Superstition”, but it’s an original song.

“We played it, and it was awesome – great reaction from the fans. So I think they’ll dig the new record. We’re just waiting a bit to start releasing the songs. I think they’ll start coming now in April.”

soulfly performed live with fear factory guitarist Dino Cazares to fill Rizzo‘s place. Discover the images of the group with Cazares playing the two new songs below.

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