Steel Panther Announces First Leg Of 2022 ‘Res Erections’ Tour

California glam metal pranksters STEEL PANTHER announced the first stage of their “Re-erections” The 2022 tour, which will stop in 13 cities for 16 days for the first leg. The trek will begin March 10 in St. Petersburg, Florida and end March 26 in Dubuque, Iowa. “Re-erections” the 2022 tour will take place in markets including Ft Lauderdale, Florida; Athens, Georgia; Chattanooga, Tennessee and Minneapolis, Minnesota, among others. Maryland Rockers ANY SIN were operated as openers for the tour.

Tickets for all shows go on sale Friday, January 21 at 10 a.m. local time.

STEEL PANTHER says, “Even though they are known for so many things around the world, we love Pfizer for their work on erectile dysfunction and their amazing blue pills. That’s why we named our 2022 tour after them. Those blue pills have made our world a better place. ‘Re-erections’ is going to be the party not to be missed and we have some surprises in store for you for these shows. If you’ve lost your prescription or can’t see your drug dealer because of COVID, you won’t need a pill to rock that hard.”

“Re-erections” 2022 Tour Dates:

March 10 – St. Petersburg, Florida – Jannus Live

March 11 – Daytona Beach FL – Monster Energy Daytona Bike Week at Daytona International Speedway*

March 12 – ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room

March 13 – Cape Coral, FL – Dixie Roadhouse

March 15 – Athens, Georgia – Georgia Theater

March 17 – Charleston, SC – Charleston Music Hall

March 18 – Jacksonville, NC – Hooligan’s

March 19 – Greensboro, NC – Cone Denim Entertainment Center

March 20 – Chattanooga, TN – The Signal

March 22 – ft. Smith, AR – Temple Live

March 23 – Tulsa. OK – Cain’s Ballroom

March 25 – Minneapolis, MN – The Fillmore

March 26 – Dubuque, IA – 5 Flags Event Center


As 2021 brought the shocking news of their original bassist’s departure Lexxi Foxx, STEEL PANTHER announced the “Road To The Road” tournament to help them narrow down the choices for their new bassist. Singer Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel and drummer Stix Zadinia, along with the public, narrowed the list of applicants down to a manageable number out of the 1669 submissions. An announcement will be made public once the group has finalized its decision.

STEEL PANTHER has been hard at work on new material that will be released throughout 2022.

Three months ago, lexi — whose real name is Travis Haley – Recount Rocking with Jam Man that he had not spoken with his former bandmates since his release. “I still talk a bit with the singer, I’ve done that in the past,” he said. “But I think those scars and I think the start, the way it happened, I think there are tender points. But it’s hard for me to talk about that.

“That’s something I’m very proud of – to be that character for so long and to play with those cats,” he continued. “They’re all amazing musicians. And I just think that’s is different from not having that [in my life] – I was in character for so long – but I have to say, it’s also kind of refreshing.”

When STEEL PANTHER first announced lexiin July, the band jokingly said that foxx “launched her side business, ‘Sexy Lexxi’s Prettiest Pets’, to make money from Botox during lockdown.” After realizing that “his love for making pets pretty was greater than his love for being pretty himself,” he chose “to hang up his mirror and focus on his new passion: making ugly dogs pretty. “, wrote the group in a press release.

In December 2018, lexi sit a STEEL PANTHER tour after being admitted to “sex rehab”. The real reason for his absence has never been officially revealed.

During an appearance on a recent episode of “2020” podcast, Satchel said about lexi: “We didn’t want him to quit. Nobody wanted him to quit, including a lot of fans. I’m sure a lot of fans are very sad that he’s gone. But he’s the guy who left the band. I think he’s got his own business that he’s minding himself with, and he just wanted to go out there and do that. So, I don’t know… I can’t answer for Lexxi Foxx. But we’re all gonna miss Lexxi Foxx, and we all wish him the best in all he does. But we didn’t fire him; he left the group. So we’re going to have to move on and find someone else who’s younger and smarter and doesn’t need so much Botox,” referring to the drugs doctors have been using for years to treat facial wrinkles and folds.

Established in 2000, STEEL PANTHER specializes in imitating and exaggerating the less flattering aspects of 1980s hair metal, with unrepentant, non-PC sexual content as their preferred lyrical theme.

The band’s music has been described as “VAN HALEN meets MOTLEY CRUE meets RATT meets “Wayne’s World”, with operatic screams, misogyny, jagged guitar solos and libidinal overdrive.”

fourteen years ago, STEEL PANTHER changed its name from METAL SKOOL to his current moniker and shifted the focus of his act from 80s metal covers to the originals.

Haley, who was an original member of STEEL PANTHER, recently announced the formation of his new group HOLLYWOOD GODS AND MONSTERS with a longtime friend and TV celebrity from MTVit is “Pimp My Ride”, Digity Dave.

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