STS9, Lettuce, Medeski Martin & Bois, Cool Cool Cool [Recap/Photos/Videos]

Brooklyn comes to life returned to The Brooklyn Mirage Saturday for its 2022 edition with a potent mix of new projects, rare collaborations and nationwide touring heavyweights including STS9, Salad, Medeski Martin & Woodand Cold Cold Cold. Check out recaps, videos and lists of each performance below and scroll down for an extensive photo gallery from the night away.

Cold Cold Cold

As the sun set behind the lavish courtyard walls, Cool Cool Cool kicked off the music marathon night with an eclectic dance party. Directed by Craig Brodhead (guitar, keyboards), Chris Browers (trumpet, keyboards), Michelangelo Carubba (drums), Shira Elias (singing), Sammi Garet (singing) and Greg Sanderson (saxophone) alongside special guests nate edgard (bass, The Nth Power) and Collin Miller (guitar, vocals, The Brother Nature), the new but familiar line-up presented its components with selections from the members’ various projects. Highlights included renditions of Swatkins and the positive agendathe sparkling “Gotta Give It Away” by, which features Brodhead and Carubba, the soul-funk anthem of Elias “NAH”, the sweet candy “With You” by Garett, and the electronic bent of Brodhead DJ Yesman creation, “Tied Up”.

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As well as celebrating a contemporary peer with a run through Xavier Lynn“Make It Thru” by, Cool Cool Cool filled in the remaining slots of their debut setlist with covers of Graham Central Station“Hair”, Sly and the Family Stoneof “Sing A Simple Song”, and a long reading of Marvin Gaye“Baby Don’t You Do It” in the style of The group‘s recreation, “Don’t Do It”. A cover of MacFleetwood Rumors the classic “The Chain” – a resonant selection for this particular group of musicians – finally ended the set.

Cool Cool Cool – “Don’t Do It” (The Band, partial) – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2022

Setlist: Cool Cool Cool | Brooklyn comes to life | The Brooklyn Mirage | Brooklyn, New York | 09/17/22

Set: Gotta Give It Away (Swatkins & The Positive Agenda), NAH (Shira Elias), Don’t Do It (The Band), With You (Sammi Garett), Hair (Graham Central Station), Make It Through (Xavier Lynn ), Sing A Simple Song (Sly & The Family Stone), Tied Up (DJ Yesmann/Craig Brodhead), The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)

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Medeski Martin & Wood

Medeski Martin & Wood are as adored as they are elusive, and the anticipation in the crowd had reached fever pitch by the time the organist John Medeskydrummer Billy Martinand bassist Chris Wood took the stage for their first show since 2019.

Reuniting for a rare performance to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a group, Medeski Martin & Wood made a dramatic reminder that if you give them a room – or an outdoor courtyard in this case – they can do the rest. Over the course of a 90-minute set, the illustrious trio embodied their trademark avant-groove style, deftly building up the tension with free improvisations before dropping into deep instrumental funk grooves that drew cheers from the crowd over once. “Start-Stop” was the best example of this, but the tension and release pattern was pervasive throughout the performance.

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Audiences, though mostly too young to have known the trio in their heyday, were thrilled when the band recounted MMW earworms including “Coconut Boogaloo”, “Nocturnal Transmission”, “Just Like I Pictured It ” and “Shacklyn Knights”. The energy was electric, and the band really felt it. “Really great to perform at the Medeski Martin & Wood reunion… hard to beat 30+ years of chemistry,” John Medeski said in a social media post after the show. “I hope it happens again!!”

Medeski Martin & Wood – “Start-Stop” – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2022

[Video: Karen Dugan]

Medeski Martin & Wood – “Queen Bee” – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2022

[Video: danimal710]

Setlist: Medeski Martin & Wood | Brooklyn comes to life | The Brooklyn Mirage | Brooklyn, New York | 09/17/22

Ensemble: Philly Cheese Blunt, Night Marchers, Coconut Boogaloo, Shacklyn Knights, Last Chance to Dance Trance, Henduck, Just Like I Pictured It, Start-Stop, Nocturne, Big Time, Nocturne Transmission, Queen Bee

Note: the setlist may be incomplete

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Although the individual members of the avant-garde funk sextet Lettuce have all delivered memorable sets at Brooklyn Comes Alive in years past, this year marked Lettuce’s first official performance at the festival as well as the group’s first-ever show at Brooklyn. Mirage. The group, made up of Adam Deish (drums), Adam Shmeeans Smirnoff (guitar), Erick “Jesus” Coomes (low), Ryan Zoidis (saxophone), Eric “Benny” Bloom (trumpet) and Nigel Room (keys/vocals)—met the moment with an inspired set that incorporated the intricacies of electronic and hip-hop styles under the glow of the venue’s sprawling LED video wall.

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A rare “Phyllis” opening, reworked with a new intro, featured a tribute to the Brooklyn legend The notorious BIG via a detour pronounced by “Only You“, Biggie’s 1995 collaboration with 112. The venue really came to life during “House of Lett” when the massive LED wall behind the stage first lit up with visuals extrapolated from 2016. Favorite: a funk odyssey. A spraying “Trapeze” (raise2018) and a diabolical gallop through Unify the crown jewel “Vámonos” followed with a reinvigorated goal.

Despite the fact that the singer/keyboardist Nigel Room was dripping appropriately New York Knicks gear, he insisted on taking things to the district with an electrifying run through chuck brownthe Go-Go-fied version of sneaky stone the unmissable “Family Affair”, a fitting choice to celebrate the intertwined creative bonds represented at Brooklyn Comes Alive. A gigantic “Let It GOGO” rumbled from there, shaking the foundations of Brooklyn’s live music oasis.

Hall took over the mic to lead the group through an updated rendition of their “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” cover that made its way into D’Angelo Territory “Brown Sugar”. Throwback jam “Squadlive” and a syrupy, syncopated “Gravy Train” set up the band’s unique approach to The Clark sisters“It’s going to be alright”, the energy of the gospel surging over the sea of ​​furious lost in the LETT sauce. To drive it home, the squad charged through a bombastic version of “Madison Square” with a dubtronic jam and a triumphant climax – the crunkological coda appropriate for a Herculean homecoming.

Lettuce – “House of Lett” > “The Flu” – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2022

Setlist: Lettuce | Brooklyn comes to life | The Brooklyn Mirage | Brooklyn, New York | 09/17/22

Ensemble: Phyllis > House of Lett > The Flu > Trapezoid > Vámonos, Family Affair (Sly & The Family Stone) > Let It GOGO > Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears, Remixed), Squadlive, Gravy Train, Everything’s Gonna All is well > Madison Square

Watch Lettuce recap/video/setlist


The Brooklyn Mirage stage was very hot as STS9 emerged for their festival closing set, but the livetronica stalwarts managed to raise the temperature even higher with their two-hour performance.

The group, made up of hunter brown (guitar), Alana Rocklin (low), jeffree lerner (percussion), David Phillips (keys) and Zach Velmer (drums) – led the masses of the Mirage down a winding road with extended versions of “Big Basin”, “Frequencies Peace 1 > 2 > 3”, “Like I Do” and “Arigato”. A performance highlight followed with a primal “Move My Peeps” > “New Forms” > “Move My Peeps” that cut through a panic of drums and bass to the crowd’s audible elation.

After a powerful “Potamus”, an enveloping “20-12” and a driving “Be Nice” seemed to match the grandeur of the room’s dizzying visuals, STS9 brought proceedings to a climax with an emphatic “Scheme” > “Rent “.

STS9 – Brooklyn Comes Alive 2022

[Video: danimal710]

Setlist: STS9 | Brooklyn comes to life | The Brooklyn Mirage | Brooklyn, New York | 09/17/22

Set: Big Basin > Frequencies Peace 1 > 2 > 3, Like I Do, Menacer > Arigato, Move My Peeps > New Forms > Move My Peeps, Potamus, 20-12, Be Nice, Scheme > Rent

Subscribe to STS9’s Bandcamp here for a full audio recording of the late night set.

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Check out the photo galleries from the music marathon night below courtesy of Andrew Blackstein and Ken Spielman. Thank you to everyone who came and came alive with us at Brooklyn Comes Alive 2022!

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