Taye Ricks is bringing the house down with her upcoming hip-hop and R&B single “Upgradé”.


TAMPA, Florida, December 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Taye Ricks is a talented singer, songwriter and producer of Tampa, Florida. He established his brand and catalog InoVibe playing evocative R&B, Soul, Hip hop and Trap music. It is therefore not surprising to see that Taye ricks is making waves in the industry and his style of music resonates with music listeners and spectators. Taye ricks brings the same kind of resounding ingenuity to his latest project titled, “Improved“- a lively hip-hop and R&B night that is a lyrically classic ballad and strikes with its booming hip-hop and R&B soundscape. the nuances of heavy rhythms and rhythms that have been blended to sheer perfection The sultry and seductive dynamic vocal performance, the deep and deep bass and the catchy and evocative chorus are all the components of this sensational record which is at the same time euphoric and hedonistic.

A crisp atmospheric melodic synth over heavy rhythms directs the rhythm of the song while a compelling 808 bassline gives the melody its undeniable punch and grainy side that is simply breathtaking and undoubtedly catchy. Taye ricks doesn’t waste a second, leaping onto the pristine beauty exploding before him with his versatile vocal delivery that amazes as he effortlessly goes from melodic rap to sung performance. The lyrics are about party because the atmosphere is crazy and everyone feels good. Club life is portrayed with the way the ladies spin and spin and drop and he comments in one of the sentences, “… She went to win a BAG like that…” After all, everyone deserves to pop those bottles and toast to an amazing life.

The chorus is the proverbial icing on the cake delivered with its vocal dexterity surprisingly harmonizing with itself to capture the melody of the melody and stick a listener into the mood. It’s not your average hip-hop and R&B feel, it was delivered flawlessly and that’s why we firmly believe that any outstanding music lover should jump on the “Improved“up and running and find out what the buzz is. Taye ricks – Improved drops December 31st on all streaming platforms!

SOURCE Inovibe

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