The 10 Best Male Voices, According to Reddit

It’s been over a decade since Daughterry appeared on american idol, but the band recently announced a list of upcoming gigs. american idol has seen many talented contestants perform on their stage and nothing but fame, successful music careers and thousands of fans have followed their unforgettable appearances on the show.

From tenor, baritone and bass to country, pop, rock and soul, these male contestants made history with their unique and moving performances and became crowd favorites. Today, they are considered the best male voices by many Redditors.

David Cook

David Cook plays on American Idol

Most Redditors think it’s worth being a top contender, and thebigman3 ​​noticed. In one of many american idol discussions, they commented “I love how everyone loves David, it was such a great season and he was awesome.”


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His vocal talent did not go unnoticed by viewers and he won season 7 of american idol. His win followed numerous hits and music videos, and his 2008 album titled “David Cook” had several songs that reached millions of plays (via The Things). Although he disappeared from the music industry for almost seven years, he recently released a new single called “TABOS”.

Philip Phillips

Phillip Phillips on American Idol

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez had nothing but smiles on their faces as they heard Phillip Phillips, 28, sing during his audition on the 11th season of American idol. From that first moment, he stole the hearts of many viewers with his version of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

The charming country singer ended up breaking the show’s previous voting records and won the final (via MTV News). TictactTyler pointed out how “Phillip Phillips was definitely an entertainer” and how he “was the obvious winner”. For most Redditors, the singer is still on the list of all-time favorites, and his undeniable vocal talent has him ranked among the best. american idol all-time winners.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert pokes fun at American Idol

Although it is considered one of the most controversial eliminations of american idol‘s, Adam Lambert has always had a successful career. His incredible range, powerful voice and controlled technique earned him a call from remaining Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor to replace Freddy Mercury. Of course, Lambert will never replace the iconic singer, but Mercury’s songs require the best vocals to meet his demanding vocal demands, and Lambert has them.

Greenmonsterff assures that the best performances were Adam Lambert “singing whatever”. He also pointed out how “He had more vocal talent than anyone has ever been on the show”, and most fans of the competition agree. With countless reproductions and successes, Adam has undoubtedly made his way to the top of the competition.

Lee DeWyze

Lee DeWyze performing Beautiful Day and playing guitar in American Idol

Lee DeWyze won Season 9 of american idol and has since gone on to a successful career (with his song, “Blackbird Song”, featured on The Walking Dead in 2014). His voice sounds like John Mayer’s, but his rock-influenced personal touch makes him one of a kind. On his unforgettable rendition of “Hallelujah,” he received a standing ovation and nearly a minute-long round of applause, and most viewers agreed it was the best cover of that song ever performed. in the history of the series.

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His vocal growth throughout the season surprised many fans, like artourtex, who said, “I wasn’t impressed until I saw him live, he can sing!”. User ggbtt added “Lee is amazing live. He’s also a killer songwriter. His season could have benefited from the original songs allowed on the show.”

Alejandro Aranda

Alejandro Aranda with a guitar during his audition for American Idol

Even though his appearance on the show is quite recent, Alejandro Aranda blew everyone away with his self-taught musical abilities. His clear, sweet voice might make anyone think he’s had years of singing lessons. Not only was his melodic voice impressive, but his incredible guitar and songwriting skills also made a memorable impression, which inevitably led to him being one of the show’s all-time favorites. .

He was one of the most complete artists american idol saw. veRGe1421 shared “Alejandro is the only one I care to really listen to after the show” and many comments online follow the same admiration for the contestant. Although he lost the 17th season of the contest, he had one of the best auditions of all revival seasons.

Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry on American Idol

Chris Daughtry has to be one of the most successful singers to ever take part in american idol. After his shocking elimination in season 5 of the series, the talented musician founded his internationally acclaimed group “Daughtry”, which marked an era for teenagers in the early 2000s, and debuted in a fan movie of Batman.

User shatteredmatt acknowledged that after 16 years, having “over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify is pretty good for a rock band these days”. They also spoke for many when they said “I’m a huge fan of his. The best singer I’ve heard live for sure.” Daughtry has stood the test of time and is still loved by millions, and few competitors can say the same.

Chris Allen

An image of Kris Allen singing into a microphone in American Idol

Many viewers felt bitter about his win over Adam Lambert, but, as MarionCotesworthHaye said, Kris Allen “was very talented. Adam was very talented. We got two great things from this season. One had to win, and maybe the wrong guy did [win]but Kris Allen is a very talented person.”

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When it comes to artists and vocal talents, singers cannot be compared. Everyone has their own unique style and characteristics that make people hear their songs and fall in love with their voices. Competitions aren’t always fair according to many, but Kris Allen definitely stole the hearts of many fans and had a brief successful music career, with many of his songs reaching millions of plays worldwide.

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks on American Idol

When he auditioned for american idol, he was no stranger to performing on stage. Taylor Hicks had a strong career as a singer and musician before winning Season 5 of the show. His sweet voice captured the hearts of many viewers, including Sethgoose, who recently said, “My favorite Idol contestant of all time, Taylor Hicks. It’s the reason I got hooked on Idol, and he’s been a big part of it. until I fall in love with the music.”

On top of that, as muddybrookrambler added, Taylor Hicks “managed to get a unique song (for Idol) on the show!” and named him one of the most memorable male contestants of all time, with his covers of classic hits such as Joe Cocker’s “You’re So Beautiful” and his beautiful original song “Do I Make You Proud”.

Jeremy Lloyd Harmon

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon in costume in American Idol

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon not only had incredible vocal talent, but he was the songwriter and composer of the song he auditioned with. The song had powerful chords, melodies and incredibly moving lyrics that left judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan in shock. Richie even compared him to Elton John.

This Reddit user said of the ultimately eliminated contestant “He was leagues above the rest vocally, made great choices, […and was] one of the most undeserved eliminations in recent history.” Jeremiah Lloyd was a unique contestant, talented in so many ways. Undeniably, he was one of the most complete performers to ever appear on the show.

Casey Abram

An image of Casey Abrams singing into a microphone in American Idol

American Idol top judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson were blown away by Casey Abrams’ incredibly moving voice. The judges didn’t even comment on her audition, but instead held hands and gave their enthusiastic yeses simultaneously. Abrams had such an extraordinary voice that in most of his performances he sang Acapella or was simply accompanied by a double bass.

“My dream winner would have been Casey Abrams (it’s legit why I watch the show),” user BearGoneBad commented. Many still name Casey Abrams among their all-time favorite male voices. His performances were truly memorable and no one else was able to deliver such powerful renditions of jazz and soul standards.

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