The best team lineups for Zhongli

Genshin Impact the strategy has become quite complex with the updates. As more and more characters are added, the styles of play become much more diverse. Despite this, some of the most popular characters in the franchise remain the Archons who rule their respective domains.

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Zhongli, Liyue’s former contract-based hegemon, excels in both DPS and support. Players find his defensive abilities in particular to be off the charts, with armor that outshines all other defense characters. That said, due to his equally impressive ability to use geo damage, teaming up around Zhongli can be a particularly difficult affair given his diverse skill set.

For the DPS:

Without a doubt, the position of DPS is one of the most important in any team composition. As for Zhongli, a team’s DPS will need to work perfectly with Geo attacks and Zhongli’s armor in particular. In general, it’s quite difficult to choose the wrong DPS for Zhongli, but some excel more than others.


genshin impact albedo crystal fly

Playing Albedo with Zhongli is a pretty interesting strategy. Because both are excellent at creating constructs that emit geo energy, it is possible to create a Zone of Destruction with their talents. Between Albedo and Ningguang, Zhongli is one of the few characters to benefit from more than three characters of the same element in the group.


peoplehin impact keqing elementary burst animation

One of Keqing’s main drawbacks is his generally low level defense and health. Zhongli’s excellent shield can make Keqing a killing machine, if paired with a good enough enabler. Without worrying about damage constraints, Keqing users can attempt riskier maneuvers.


genshin impact yanfei character demo

Once again, Yanfei takes advantage of Zhongli’s proper use of shields. The biggest problem with Catalyst and Arc users is their tendency to be interrupted. With Zhongli in the party, Yanfei can fight effectively at any distance without fear of being interrupted by a swarm of Hilichurls.

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For Crystallize and Support:

One of the obvious advantages of pursuing a geocentric is the unique nature of its one reaction: to crystallize. Generally, crystallization is incredibly easy to use, especially for Zhongli, in that it can be done with a Cryo, Pyro, Hydro or Electro activator. While Zhongli’s armor is more than capable on its own, a little extra defense goes a long way.


genshin impact diluc trailer

In general, Diluc is the best DPS to pair with Zhongli. His attacks provide constant Pyro support, changing the landscape of grassy areas; an A + strategy for many crystallization reactions. This can be beneficial for Diluc, as his attacks often deal passive damage to him.


genshin impact bennett

Bennett is a great all-around character for most teams. Between the minor heals and the increased major damage, it doesn’t take long to find a reason to keep it. In Zhongli’s case, Bennett is best used as a sub-DPS with supportive qualities, staying on the ground to both deal damage and set up a kill zone to bolster the main DPS with support from the Zhongli armor.


Genshin Impact Xingqiu rain blade

It’s hard to say that any character is essential for any team, but the same can’t be said for Xingqiu. Since his Rain Blades can be transferred to another character, it is easy to apply Hydro with another item. While Xingqiu is best used with a Pyro or Electro character (we recommend Diluc for best results), it can also be used with Zhongli alone to increase crystallization even more.

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Zhongli’s skill set is incredibly diverse among Genshin’s incredible five-star cast. Nonetheless, even the Geo Archon has its flaws, so learning how to compensate for them is extremely important. Some of the best characters to fill a missing fourth slot on the team include:


genshin impact tartaglia childe lance hydro water official art

Working well together in the main story (albeit arguably with the wrong intention), Tartaglia offers many advantages to a Zhongli team roster. Tartaglia brings the second best Hydro app in the game to date (second only after Mona.) This is in addition to the passives which increase the skill level of normal attacks for all party members.


genshin impact ningguang traction

Many players forget to consider passive talents when choosing characters. However, this is particularly the reason why Ningguang enjoys celebrating with Zhongli. Ningguang’s passives greatly increase geo damage, not to mention the benefits of opening a geo resonance.


genshin impact qiqi elemental burst

While Jean and Noelle reign supreme on the healer list for their versatility, Qiqi is the best healer on a Zhongli team. Neither Jean nor Noelle offer a strategic advantage outside of healing due to their elements, but Qiqi offers excellent healing and additional armor via Cryo Crystallization. For those looking for an economical alternative,

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Most Optimal Team: Diluc / Ningguang / Zhongli / Qiqi

Genshin impact diluc ningguang zhongli qiqi split image

Granted, Albedo and Zhongli make a great team (he’s practically interchangeable with Ningguang or Diluc), but this team is most suitable for easy-to-use damage. Diluc offers both an active source of high DPS and flexible armor. All of this backed up by Zhongli’s excellent hard armor and AoE Geo damage.

On the other hand, Ningguang acts to support Zhongli, with a passive that increases Geo damage and a Geo resonance that increases shield strength. Qiqi may seem like a misplaced player on the team, but her presence offers a valuable service; In addition to high level healing, Qiqi works to allow Diluc with Cryo damage to form fusion reactions for additional DPS.

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