The best trio combo in Apex Legends Season 13: the most popular team compositions

Apex Legends is a game about the best team composition, especially in trios. For this reason, it’s important to know what the best team compositions are in Apex Legends so you can win the most matches. Of course, you should choose legends that you find amusing, but if they line up with those team compositions, you’ll have the most success in Season 13. Here are the best trio combinations in Apex Legends Season 13.


A team of Valkyrie, Rampart, and Wattson focus on securing the best position in the ring and locking it down. Valk can scan Survey Beacons to find the next ring and use his ultimate to gain supreme positioning. Once you’re inside the ring, Wattson’s ultimate can cancel all enemy grenades and ultimates. Its fences will ensure people stay out, and Rampart’s walls can block windows and doors. If all else fails, use Rampart’s ultimate to crush your opposition.


This team comp in Apex Legends focuses on hunting down enemies. Wherever you are, Ash can open his map and locate where enemies have recently died. This is extremely useful for finding enemies, especially on a map as large as Storm Point. She can also scan death boxes to highlight enemies that have killed legends. Use Bangalore’s Smokes to attack or defend and use Bloodhound’s Scans to scan enemies in the smoke. By tactfully using all the abilities of these legends, you can gain the upper hand over your enemies.


The Wraith/Octane/Revenant trio team is full of great synergy, but depends on Revenant’s ultimate. With good communication, your whole team can use the Death Totem and Octane’s Springboards to push an enemy team. In the event of a push, the Wraith Portal can be used as an escape route or as an additional resource to push while using the Death Totem. When using the Death Totem, make sure to completely kill the enemy team or die before the Death Totem timer runs out or you will be knocked out.


This team is a mixture of everything, but can be extremely effective in any circumstance. Loba can use her Black Market ultimate to help everyone, especially Fuse, collect whatever they need. As the meta shifts towards defense, Fuse’s numerous joint group grenades and tactics are excellent shield breakers. Gibraltar is used to create additional cover while on the move with its bubble shield while calling in heavy artillery if needed. Since no legend on this team has a team mobility ability, be very careful with third parties.

And these are the best trio combos in Apex Legends Season 13. If you’re interested in Apex Legends or even Apex Legends Mobile, check out our Apex Legends guides.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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