The Record Company arrives at Wooly’s in Des Moines in November


The Record Company just deepened their inventory, and now they’re bringing the merchandise to Des Moines.

The band released their latest album, “Play Loud”, October 8, and shortly thereafter he launched a 32-stop route which will bring him to Wooly’s in the East Village at 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 11.

With three albums, The Record Co. now has enough material that no two performances sound the same.

“One thing we do is change the sets every night,” said Alex Stiff, bassist for the band. “It’s really fun to mix these songs together. In a way, it challenges us on stage.”

The Californian group’s first album in 2017 “Give It Back To You” was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the Grammys. It included some of the band’s most recognizable songs: “Off The Ground” and “Rita Mae Young”.

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“All of this Life” followed in 2018. The band appeared on Wooly’s behind this release, which produced the singles “Life to Fix” and “Make it Happen”.

This time around, the band – usually a trio consisting of Stiff, guitarist Chris Vos and drummer Marc Cazorla – will also include keyboardist Wesley Flowers and guitarist / bassist Johnny Elkins.

“It happened organically,” Stiff said. “Johnny has been with us for a few years as a guitar technician, he played drums, bass and guitar, he’s already a familiar face to our audience. With the addition of Wesley he’s .. . from Atlanta, Georgia, just a really charismatic person and a great musician. He was just the right person. “

The group also mixed it up during the development of the album. While Stiff mixed the two previous versions, the trio decided to look for an outside producer for “Play Loud”.

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After marking producer Dave Sardy, The Record Company recorded the album in April and May 2020.

“We knew that with Dave Sardy, with his track record, it was going to be something unpredictable, but it wasn’t going to be (too) fancy,” Stiff said. “Our sound is thriving and it’s still rock and roll to the core and you still want to be believed.

Like most musicians over the past 18 months, The Record Company has spent a lot of time at home that otherwise would have been spent on tour. Stiff said it gave them time to mull over the job and hit the road with new energy.

“We spent more time on the songs than in past experiences,” he said. “It really looks like a step in a new direction for us.”

Tickets for Wooly’s show start at $ 23 in advance or $ 25 at the door, and can be found at

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