The tireless collaborator Reno Cruz releases his first solo album


Since moving to Chicago from his native California in 2017, singer-songwriter Reno Cruz has left an indelible mark on the city’s indie-rock and soul scenes, spending the last few years playing guitar. in the live band Lala Lala and to collaborate with Gossip Wolf’s favorites such as Wyatt Waddell, Sen Morimoto and Shawnee Dez (who also works for the Reader). After the pandemic hit in March 2020, Cruz began to occasionally let go of lush, lovingly orchestrated solo tracks that display an easy candor about feelings of isolation and loneliness. Two of these songs, “Your Love” and “FILINTH” reappear on Cruz’s first solo album, Falling in love is not that difficult, which arrives in digital on Friday, January 21, via its Bandcamp. That night he will celebrate with a set at Lincoln Park’s Golden Dagger venue, which has just been rehabilitated after a fire; Ohmme’s Macie Stewart is making headlines.

Boo Williams is a legendary Chicago house figure, and as a DJ and producer he started releasing music in the 90s on ballet labels such as Relief, Farris Wheel Limited and Cajual. (According to reports from chefs brave enough to keep partying during the pandemic, his DJ set at the Podlasie Club in Avondale last month proved his skills on the decks remain absolutely incendiary.) On his Bandcamp page last week , Williams posted The best of Boo Williams, which brings together ten of the master’s crisp and exuberant productions, many of which have become hard to find. For this wolf, it seems impossible that the relentless “Feeling Good” groove fell over 20 years ago!

Chicagoland heavy-prog band Mechina celebrated New Years Day by dropping hyperclean symphonic metal album Venator, which continues the story of a vast intergalactic war that the group has been telling for over 15 years. Whether you called or not, the opening blockbuster push “Suffer” should get you in the record.

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