The troubadour Bobbo Byrnes pays tribute to his singer and songwriter sisters in “Queen Of The Party”

For many of us, “Catch a Fallen Star” is a classic Perry Como song. For Anaheim, Calif. Based acoustic storyteller Bobbo Byrnes, he also describes a once in a lifetime experience that led to the creation of his new tribute single to his contemporary women, “Queen of the Party” – available now.

“We were there to see the Sin City All-Stars and were waiting at a bar in Los Angeles when I saw the person next to me trip and start to fall,” Byrnes recalls. “I caught up with her and put her to her feet. She thanked me and was on her way. It was then that I realized I had just hugged Lucinda Williams.”

Byrnes’ useful brush with multi-Grammy grandeur got him thinking of all the talented and inspiring women he knows and admires. Those thoughts, in turn, led him to pay homage to all of these women in “Queen of the Party,” an exuberant, alt-country hat to hard-working musicians everywhere.

She’s the party queen, rodeo sweetheart.
The crowd clings to every word they utter.
The city toast from coast to coast
She’s looking for that lonely sound that she loves the most.

“The musicians road is a tough line to hoot, but it’s so much harder if you’re a woman, and I wanted to honor them from a fan perspective,” Byrnes said. “I even take my hat off to a few friends who give concerts in LA, Austin, Nashville, and who are just as important as the musicians.”

Discover the song here!

Co-written with former bandmate GypsyMechanics Morgan Keating, “Queen of the Party” features key female contributors including Byrnes’ wife, Tracy (The Fallen Stars) on bass and backing vocals, Jennifer Moraca (The Odd Birds) on backing vocals, and Georgiana Hennessey on violin. To complete the recording line-up, Jeremy Long on pedal steel and Matt Froehlich on drums.

Featuring Byrnes strumming and singing in front of some of LA’s most legendary music clubs like The Troubadour and Whiskey A Go Go, locked in pandemic containment, the nostalgic and slightly bittersweet video of “Queen of the Party” is l place where the feminine factor of the song really goes up a notch.

Byrnes’ color performance sequences contrast with the black and white stage moments of female musicians he knows personally. “I called my friend, Tawny Ellis, and asked her to direct this video,” Byrnes recalls. “Then I reached out to a group of my musician friends and asked 17 of them to contribute videos to make this song and video even more special.”

“Queen of the Party” is the title track and second single from Bobbo Byrnes’ fourth album, SeaGreenNumber5, and follows the recent “Chasing Rock and Roll”.

Acclaim was notable and rumored for Byrnes’ latest album, with reviews placing it in the same sonic space as Jason Isbell, Whiskeytown, Paul Westerberg of The Replacements, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. With his style described by as “a country part, an alternative part and a punk rock part turned folk singer”, Rock N Reel Magazine UK calls Byrnes’ SeaGreenNumber5 “a master class in songwriting”.

“Queen of the Party” and SeaGreenNumber5 are available now.

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