Thelma Plum’s cover of Beddy Rays ‘Better In Blak’ for Like A Version

Thelma Plum’s “Better In Blak” is one of the most amazing Australian pop songs of the past decade, a triumphant work of self-expression that assesses both existential and interpersonal threats and details exactly how they can be. overcome.

This is in many ways the summary of Plum’s entire career, a work of towering empathy that explains the world exactly as she sees it. Everything that makes Plum great – his talent for catchy and brilliant melodies; his devastating wit and sense of humor; its ability to compress an entire lifestyle into a neat rhyming couplet – is on display. There is no one like her, and no song like ‘Better In Blak’.

No wonder then that it has become an Australian classic. In our own list of the best songs of 2019, we ranked it as one of the year’s biggest achievements, and the song was broadcast widely on the radio on the national youth broadcaster, triple j.

Now the song has been honored on this radio station, via inclusion in the hugely popular Like A Version segment. Bed shelves, a band from outskirts of Queensland, took over the song, turning it from a transcendent pop hit to something more furious and much faster.

Not that it is a total transformation. The genius of the cover art is how it stays true to what made the original special, focusing on Plum’s shimmering empathy while surrounding him with rusty-sounding guitar parts; old and urgent.

Basically, this is one of the best covers the Like A Version segment has delivered in quite some time, which is saying a lot given the talent that has been on display lately.

Watch the full cover here, then while you’re at it, go back and listen to Plum’s original and immerse yourself in its greatness.

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