TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS: It would be ‘fantastic’ if ROCK HALL induction led to KK DOWNING joining JUDAS PRIEST

Ex-JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim “Ripper” Owens says it would be “fantastic” if KK Downingthe reunion of with his former bandmates during the next Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction led to the foundation PRIEST The guitarist’s official return to the legendary heavy metal band.

PRIEST will be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this autumn. PRIEST will receive the Musical Excellence Award at the event, which will honor Eminem, Dolly Parton, DURAN-DURAN, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, EURYTHMIC and carly simon in the Performers category.

According to Hall of Famethe JUDAS PRIEST members to be inducted include current members Rob Halford (singing),Ian Hill (low),Glenn Tipton (guitar) and Scott Travis (drums), with former members downing, The Binks (drums) and deceased drummer david holland.

owenwho is currently playing in a new band with downing called THE PRIEST OF KKaddress KKnext induction into the rock room while filming a video message on Cameo, the online platform that allows fans to purchase personalized video messages from celebrities. Speaking to a fan named To M who was celebrating his birthday, Tim said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I know you are a PRIEST fan. I hope you will see KK and myself there doing it. I mean, who knows? Maybe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the thing will get KK back in JUDAS PRIEST. Who really knows what’s going on? Which would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? But I would like to see THE PRIEST OF KK there on tour.

“The thing is, we’re gonna make it” Tim continued. “We’re just behind on tours because of COVID… What people don’t realize is a tour of THE PRIEST OF KK‘, these kind of tours were booked years ago – years and years ago – before COVID. And then COVID stopped everything. So all of the tours like last year and coming up, pretty much all of these tours were in the works. [It’s] hard for a new band to be able to do that. I can go out and tour solo because I play clubs in small venues like this—thousand seats and less; thousand places to fifty. [Laughs] But I could do that.”

KK left the iconic band 11 years ago, but looks back on his time with the British metal titans in his autobiography “Heavy Duty: Days and Nights in Judas Priest”which was released in September 2018. The book, which was written with a collaborator Marc Eglintoncovers all the behind-the-scenes turmoil that led to downingis the output of PRIESTincluding his strained relationship with the guitarist Glenn Tipton and his criticisms of certain managerial decisions.

Last January, owen defended downing over the comments the ex-PRIEST guitarist did about his former bandmates in his autobiography, explaining that downing just tell the truth. During an appearance on “The Jasta Show”the podcast hosted by RACE HATE leader Jamey Jasta, owen says that downing had every right to tell his story, including insider details about the band’s collaborations and machinations. “Listen, he just spoke some truths in the book,” owen mentioned. “He spoke truths, and you have shit of it. Unfortunately, that’s what happens. Should he have told everything? He was hurt. Things happened. It didn’t go well past. He talked about it in his book. If he doesn’t say those things and he made a book that talked about other things, people would’ve said, “Why didn’t he talk about other things?” And then you do the interviews, and people say, ‘KK must stop raising these points. And I’m, like, ‘Well, no. He is questioned on these points. And then he answers the questions. And then it’s on the front of Blabbermouth whatever…”

According to owentension between downing and Tipton had been brewing for some time before KKthe exit of the group.

“I saw him for [the] ‘Demolition’ [album cycle]”, he said. “We weren’t even together barely at [the time we made] ‘Demolition’; it has never been Glenn and Ken whole already. I would like to go to Ken‘s house on the weekends and we would hang out and have a pint, play pool. And it was smoldering then. And obviously the money helps, so you get Rob back and you get your millions back and you don’t play [smaller venues] more.”

Timwho recently launched a new group with KK called THE PRIEST OF KKwent on to say that downing never brings up grievances with his former bandmates during their interactions. “He still doesn’t say bad things about these guys when we’re together, he never says bad things about them – alreadyhe says. ” You know why ? Because I don’t ask any questions about it. I’m not the guy who interviews him saying, ‘So what the….?’ I don’t really want to know – I don’t want to know about this. I read the book. I know what is happening. All that stuff he talked about, I knew half of it, it lasted. But people ask him, so it looks like he’s complaining. He doesn’t come into an interview saying, ‘Very good. Let me tell you about dirty laundry. Let’s talk about it.'”

The 2022 rock room The induction ceremony will take place on November 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. It will be broadcast at a later date on HBO and broadcast on HBO Max. There will also be a simulcast radio broadcast on SiriusXMit is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Radio channel 310.

Earlier this week, Halford told Rolling Stone he was ready to perform with downing and Binks to rock room ceremony. “Absolutely,” he said. “As I’ve said before, you need to set aside whatever is in your way. You need to remove the emotional clutter and just reference this big celebration. Otherwise, if you don’t and leave the building , a few years later, you will say to yourself: “What is this? Why didn’t we do that?” It’s a few hours, but those few hours last forever.

“We have seen it time and time again with the rock room. “She comes, he doesn’t come, why doesn’t he come?” He said this, and he said that,” he continued. “All this drama. Music matters. Everything revolves around music. it’s about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.”

In 2019, downing said he reached out to JUDAS PRIEST to perform on the band’s 50th anniversary tour, but their response was that they weren’t interested in including him in the celebrations.

In 2018, downing revealed that he sent two resignation letters to his bandmates when he decided to quit JUDAS PRIEST. The former was described as “a graceful exit note, involving a smooth retreat from the music”, while the latter was “angrier, laying out all his frustrations with specific evenings”.

downing later said he thought the second letter was “a key reason” he wasn’t invited to join PRIEST after Tiptonthe decision to retire from touring.

PRIEST recruited owen in 1996 and released two studio albums, 1997 “Jugulator” and 2001 “Demolition”before finding Halford in 2003.

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