Tunisia: Composition of the Observatory for the prevention of violence against women published in the Official Journal


Tunis / Tunisia – The composition of the National Observatory for the Prevention of Violence Against Women was published by the Ministry of Women, the Family and the Elderly, by decree of September 28, 2021, in number 88 of the Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia.

Monia Gari is responsible for the overall management of the 10-member authority which includes representatives of the Prime Ministry and the Ministries of the Interior, Economy, Finance and Investment Support, Social Affairs , Education, Health and Women, in addition to a representative of the National Office for Family and Population (ONFP).

The observatory, originating from the Ministry of Women, the Family and the Elderly, was created under article 40 of Law 58/2017 on the fight against violence against women. The composition includes only one man, a representative of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Observatory monitors and documents cases of violence against women in a database based on the reports and information collected.

In addition, it monitors the implementation of laws and policies and assesses their effectiveness in eradicating violence against women, while conducting scientific research to consider the necessary actions and fight against the different forms of violence against women. violence.

The Observatory also works in cooperation and coordination with civil society organizations, constitutional bodies and other public structures active in the field of human rights.


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