Twenty One Pilots covers Halo theme song in live concert

At a recent live concert in Boston, alternative hip-hop duo Twenty One Pilots performed the theme song for the Halo game franchise.

Alternative hip-hop duo Twenty-one pilots gave a live concert in Boston a few nights ago, and included the Halo theme song in their setlist. The Halo theme song, listed as “Halo” in the Halo Soundtrack, has been a constant feature throughout the franchise since its inception with the release of its first installment, 2001’s Halo: Evolved combat.

In some cases, musical soundtracks are just as essential to a game’s quality as its gameplay. Music from various franchises – including THE Legend of Zelda Where Final Fantasy, Just to name a few – have been played by fans, musicians, and even in orchestral concerts commissioned by developers or publishers. To celebrate the Final Fantasy VII remake, audiences around the world have attended (and continue to attend) the shows presented by the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour – a symphonic concert dedicated to the interpretation of the video game soundtrack composed by Nobuo-Uematsu.

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While some Boston viewers may not be familiar with Halo, they had the opportunity to listen to his theme song thanks to the popular music group Twenty One Pilots. A fan called DarkKody28 posted a video of the band’s interpretation “Halo,” the theme song for the first-person shooter franchise, at Reddit. Instead of the orchestral strings of the original, Twenty One Pilots performed the song’s melody using an electric guitar. That said, the theme’s roaring drums are unmistakable in Twenty One Pilot’s version; they are just as bold and loud as that of the original theme. The crowd reaction didn’t seem to heat up until Twenty One Pilots made the transition to one of their own songs, and DarthKody28 noted, “I was very hyped. I shed a few tears … But I’m sure most people who have been there probably don’t even know what it is unfortunately about.”

Twenty One Pilots has ties to the gaming industry that preceded their Halo theme song cover. Last September, the Ohio band announced a special Twenty One Pilots concert hosted by Roblox. In addition to the musical duo’s performance, the pre-show venue included a treasure hunt that tasked players with combing through the entire Roblox digital universe in order to obtain unique pieces. Additionally, Twenty One Pilots digital merchandise was sold to by Roblox in-game store. The concert itself had interactive elements that changed as the setlist progressed.

Even Grammy-winning musicians, like Twenty One Pilots, probably sit down and play games like Halo sometimes. As their performance shows, it looks like the duo have a strong affinity for the franchise Рand maybe viewers will see renditions of other video game musical themes of them in the future. Many well-known musical artists are contributing to video game soundtracks in recent times, such as Katy Perry and Vince Staples for Pokemon 25th anniversary soundtrack, Pok̩mon 25: the album; maybe a similar video game project will feature Twenty One Pilots in the future.

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Source: DarkKody28 / Reddit


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