Watch Stryper perform without guitarist Oz Fox in Green Bay

Video footage filmed by fans of STRIPEThe September 9 concert in Green Bay, Wisconsin can be seen below.

STRIPE guitarist Oz Fox is on the sidelines of the group’s current dates as he recovers from the first of his brain surgeries to treat one of the tumors found in his head three years ago. Replace him at shows is Howie simon (JEFF SCOTT SOTO, GRAHAM BONNET).

Before the Green Bay concert, STRIPE leader michael sweet took to his social media to write: “Just to clarify a few things: Howie simon fill for ounce for the shows we have booked this year. He’s been doing an absolutely amazing job and obviously ever since WING and YOU’RE HERE also use it for their fill dates. As easy as that. If we didn’t feel comfortable using Howie we wouldn’t. We do and we are honored to have it. Plus this band has never sounded better than we do now with [bassist Perry Richardson].

“People (and I mean very few people) can complain because we don’t have the original programming but Pear is the cream of the crop. Personally, musically and spiritually. Period. He took this group to new heights and we couldn’t be more proud to have found and had him.

“We’re about to play (tonight) having not played live in almost 2 years and with hardly any rehearsals. Am I apologizing? Damn no! I’m just saying we rehearse. as we go along and try to find our groove. We would do the exact same thing if ounce was there now.

“So go out and enjoy the shows. We’re just happy and humbled to even be able to perform in this absolutely crazy world. The music world has been hit the hardest and continues to take blow after blow. To be able to play on a stage. during the most volatile periods of our lives is more than miraculous. It is heavenly “.

Early August, ounce said he thought “it would be better” for him to take the rest of the touring year “for a solid recovery time” after the surgery. Another big project is coming for STRIPE in January and I would really like to be in my best shape for the task, “he wrote on social media.” With all of that in mind, I strongly encouraged my brothers in the group to continue with concerts booked to come in the coming months with our dear friend Howie simon covering my duties. Howie is an amazing guitarist and singer and I trust him to completely “destroy” me for these upcoming dates! So I trust you to welcome him with open arms so that the group can continue to work in my absence. “

Fox‘tumors – one in his ear and the other in the back of his brain – were discovered when he suffered his first seizure in August 2018 while performing with SINNERS OF THE CITY OF SIN at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. Over the past two and a half years, both tumors had grown and posed a serious health risk for the guitarist, who turned 60 in June. Specifically, the tumor behind the ear, if it continued to grow, could have caused hearing loss, problems with balance, vision and spine, while the tumor behind the ear ouncehis brain was in the area where the left side of his arms, hands and body works. Removing it could have affected upper left motor function and the potential ability to recognize faces and objects.

Last October, Fox was briefly hospitalized after suffering another massive seizure.

In the following weeks Foxinitial seizure of August 2018, STRIPE toured Australia and Japan as a trio, then recruited Simon fill while Fox could not take the road.

Just to clear up a few things:

Howie Simon is replacing Oz for the shows we’ve booked this year. He makes a…

posted by michael sweet to Friday, September 10, 2021

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