Watch Tool’s “Forty-Six & 2” Performed by a String Quartet

There’s no denying the mastery of Tool’s “Forty-Six & 2”. The epic song from the band’s second set Ænima has long been a Tool fan favorite. But sometimes a song’s true brilliance shines through when it’s adapted to another musical format, and the Vitamin String Quartet just released a video for their rendition of the song.

The four-piece string quartet had already released a full album in tribute to Ænima which you can find here, but now a full-fledged video featuring the talents of violinists Amanda Lo and Earl Maneein, violist Tom Lea and cellist Derek Stein can be viewed in the player below. The quartet used an arrangement for the song originating from Pablo Hopenhayn.

The Vitamin String Quartet has built all of the following over the years, pushing the boundaries of classical music. Often the band took popular songs and gave them a new take on classical music and their works really got a boost when some of their modern covers were used in the Netflix-based 19th Century series. Bridgerton.

You can see more of their covers via the band’s TikTok page, where they’ve taken on Metallica, Foo Fighters, Queen and more.

Tool’s “Forty-Six & 2” reached No. 22 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in 1998. It was the fourth single from the 1996 album. Enima.

The vitamin-packed string quartet perform Tool’s “Forty-Six & 2”

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