What was the real name of Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell?

Dimebag Darrell was a legend in rock, metal and cannabis history. But the music world mourned the Pantera guitarist’s death after an angry fan murdered the rocker while performing on stage in 2004. One of the many questions people still ask is know what Dimebag Darrel’s real name was? Get to know the man behind the nickname.

Dimebag Darrell with Pantera in August 2000 | Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Dimebag Darrell came by musical talent naturally. Born to parents in the country music industry, Darrell and his brother Vincent (aka Vinnie Paul) are landmarks in rock and metal, but few know of their humble beginnings.

Dimebag won his signature guitar in a talent contest when he was quite young, iHeartRadio reports. Then he and his brother formed Pantera. Their father, Jerry, a country music producer, produced and managed the band.

Pantera released three albums with singer Terry Glaze before abandoning their original style. They released their breakout album, 1990 Cowboys from Hellwith a much heavier and harsher sound.

From there, Pantera skyrocketed to become a metal icon with follow-up albums. Vulgar display of power and Way beyond driving with singer Phil Anselmo.

Dave Mustaine even invited Dimebag to join Megadeth. However, the Los Angeles-based band already had a drummer, and Darrell wouldn’t budge without his brother Vinnie on drums.

While Pantera was on hiatus, Darrell and Vinnie continued to perform together. Soon they formed Damageplan. Their new heavy-metal band was building a following through live gigs when Dimebag Darrell met a tragic death.

Dimebag Darrell’s real name and the truth behind his stage name

Dimebag Darrell was not born “Dimebag”. His parents named him Darrell Lance Abbott when he was born on August 20, 1966 in Arlington, Texas.

Years later, when he and his brother formed Pantera, Darrell became known as “Diamond Darrell” for his flashy rock style. Together, the Abbott brothers released a few albums with the group before hitting the mark with Cowboys from Hell.

Shedding his glam-metal persona as Pantera adopted a heavier sound, Darrell changed his name to “Dimebag Darrell”. This resonated with fans, and those who knew him admitted that he always had a dime bag on him, San Diego Reader reports.

A dime bag is a slang term for a bag of marijuana that costs around $10. Because Darrell was always up for a smoke in a parking lot or in the woods, the dime bag became a personal identifying mark.

The Shocking On-Stage Killing of Pantera and Damageplan Guitarist

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On December 8, 2004, at Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio, Dimebag Darrell performed with Damageplan, the new band he formed with his brother. As Darrell shredded on his guitar, a fan rushed to the stage. Most assumed the man wanted to stage the dive, a much more common reaction from fans at a metal gig.

Instead, 23-year-old former Marine Nathan Gale pulled out a gun, shooting Dimebag Darrell and several others. Although another fan who was also a nurse performed chest compressions at the scene, Dimebag died – and with him, dreams of a Pantera reunion.

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