Who is the English singer-songwriter dating?

Pop singer-songwriter Charli XCX, also known as Charlotte Aitchison, is known not only for writing songs for herself but for other artists as well. Among popular singles, she has lent her vocals to include “I Love It” by Icona Pop (with Charli XCX), “Fancy” by Izzy Azalea (with Charli XCX) and “Boom Clap”, written and sung by Charli XCX. Understandably, fans have been curious over the years as to whether she is currently dating anyone and, if so, who they might be. Let’s take a closer look at Charli XCX’s career, if she has a boyfriend, and the fact that she was selected as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

Here is an overview of Charli XCX’s career

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In 2008, she started posting songs to MySpace, which led to a promoter discovering her and inviting her to perform at warehouse raves. She got a recording deal with Asylum Records in 2010 and in 2011 and 2012 she released a series of singles and mixtapes. The singer rose to fame in 2012 after a collaborative effort with Icona Pop on the song “I Love It”, which went on to become an international hit, reaching the top 10 in North America and Europe.

The album True romance was released in April 2013. It peaked at number 85 on the UK Albums Chart. Several more albums later, she continues to dominate the charts. In December 2021, according to People, she will even be the musical guest of SNL.

Does Charli XCX have a boyfriend?

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Fans are wondering who the singer is dating these days. In fact, Charli XCX and her boyfriend Huck Kwong, a video game producer, have been her love on and off for the past seven years. The couple share their home with their two best friends from school, who are also their managers.

She recently told the Guardian that the home recording was strange. “It was weird shouting about my relationship into a microphone while my boyfriend was in the other room doing a puzzle,” she explained.

She also admitted that she was a bit of a workaholic even though she had to learn to slow down due to the pandemic. 1975 frontman Matt Healy, whose records with Aitchison have yet to be released, says she’s on another level.

“She just wants to work all the time. I’m bad, but she’s worse, ”he explained. Collaborating with her is like “taking psychedelics.” He said there are “bursts of craziness and excitement, but you feel rewarded, grateful and thoughtful. Although still drained.

Here’s a look at what the couple did in their 40s

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Charli XCX is currently working on the album How i feel now. The album’s creative process is streamed via Instagram for fans to get a unique look at what goes into making an album.

“Sometimes it’s nerve-racking,” the singer told The Guardian when asked if this openness made her vulnerable. “Other times bad comments will sway me, but I have to roll with the punches. If people don’t like it, that’s fine. The idea is to have an interesting kind of tension, to make the music different and representative of the times we are in.

The couple also have new additions to the family. According to Celebretainment, the couple welcomed five puppies to a shelter and decided to keep two. They named them Asher and Nico. The singer says spending more time together cured their eventful romance.

Aitchison courageously let his fans into his life and listened to their criticism as well as their praise. Charli XCX also learned that slowing down a bit has healed the strained relationship she and her boyfriend Kwong have had over the past few years. Due to the need to self-quarantine during the pandemic, she allowed herself to slow down and perhaps reflect her life and career a bit more. Indeed, this is a lesson many people have learned over the past couple of years.

Watch Charli XCX as a musical guest on SNL December 18, 2021.

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