Willie Nelson Announces “The Willie Nelson Family” Album and Shares New “Family Bible” Recording

The family record is released on November 19.

By Andy Kahn 23 Sep 2021 • 1:50 p.m. PDT

Willie Nelson will come out The Willie Nelson family album on November 19 via Sony legacy recordings. Nelson shared a re-recorded version of his song “Family Bible” which is one of 12 tracks for the upcoming release.

The record features the 88-year-old outlaw country legend singing and playing his Trigger guitar in the company of his musical family, his sister Bobbie nelson (piano), son Lukas nelson (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, backing vocals) and Micah Nelson (drums, bass, backing vocals) and girls Paula nelson (background voice) and Amy nelson (background voice).

“Family Bible,” one of Willie’s first original songs, was written in 1957 and is part of several of his compositions recorded for the new album. Produced by Willie and Steve Chadie, the album was recorded at Pedernales Studios in Austin, Texas. Other songs on the tracklist include covers of “I Saw The Light” by Hank Williams, “Why Me” by Kris Kristofferson, the traditional anthem “In The Garden” and, with Lukas, “All Things Must Pass. And “Keep It On The Sunnyside” by AP Carter.

Other contributors to the album included longtime Willie collaborators, Mickey raphael (harmonica), Billy English (drums), Kevin smith (low) and Paul English (percussion). The songs Heaven and Hell “,” Kneel at the Feet of Jesus “,” Laying My Burdens Down “and” Family Bible “were the last recordings made by Willie with Paul English, who died on February 11, 2020, at the age of 87 The two musicians performed together for the first time in 1955.

Distribute “Family Bible” from The Willie Nelson family album below:

The Willie Nelson family List of tracks

  1. Heaven and Hell (Willie Nelson)
  2. Kneel at the Feet of Jesus (Willie Nelson)
  3. Lay My Burdens On (Willie Nelson)
  4. Family Bible (Claude Gray, Paul Buskirk & Walt Breeland)
  5. In the garden (traditional)
  6. All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)
  7. I saw the light (Hank Williams, Sr.)
  8. In the eyes of God (Willie Nelson)
  9. Keep it on the Sunnyside (AP Carter)
  10. I thought of you Lord (Willie Nelson)
  11. Too sick to pray (Willie Nelson)
  12. Why me (Kris Kristofferson)

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