Wolf Alice at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN

Three years from their last Music City show, Wolf Alice brought his powerful but intimate Blue Weekend Tour at the cannery ballroom.

The evening began with a set of almost 30 minutes of Bria, former member of the Orville Peck support group. His performance featured a plethora of rock and country covers with a melancholy twist. During her set, Bria put her twist on the tunes, which featured a dark and dreary sound. It worked perfectly with her husky, sultry voice.

It was her finale that captivated audiences in Nashville, as she sang “Why D’Ya Do It?” by Marianne Faithfull. After playing guitar for most of the night, Bria took control of the microphone. The song features an alluring conversation between two parties, and Bria encapsulated and set the mood perfectly for this performance. It’s almost a shame that she chose to end her evening with this track because she had the Music City audience wanting more by the time she was done.

Wolf alice let the music speak for them for the majority of their 90 minute set. The English rockers were ready to rock from the second they stepped on stage, as the opening guitar riffs of “Smile” rang through the speakers. That opening track was a sign of what was to come, as Wolf Alice was there to kick some ass.

While most of their set centered around their latest album, Blue weekend, Wolf Alice made sure to pack their performance with some of their older tracks. They weren’t afraid to dive deeper into their discography at the start of the series, as fan-favorite “You’re A Germ” was the second track on the setlist, which made the crowd vibrate louder.

Halfway through the set, Wolf Alice took a step forward by performing three of their slowest songs from their latest album, which began with “Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall In Love)”. The imposed rhythm did not lose the public because they were always so engaged, singing on each piece.

It wasn’t long before Wolf Alice rekindled The Cannery Ballroom with their punk-rock performance of “Play the Greatest Hits”. The group was vibrating so hard that singer Ellie Rowsell dropped her hair extensions on stage. She quickly picked them up, held them in her hand before waving them as she continued the performance. After the song concluded, Rowsell couldn’t help but laugh and asked the Nashville audience, “Have you ever seen anything like this?”

The short and simple answer was no. However, it’s hard to say that there is anything that sums up what a Wolf Alice show entails, as it’s nothing short of excitement. Before leaving the stage, Wolf Alice thanked the crowd for coming and apologized for the delay in returning to Nashville. Hoping it won’t be another three years before they return to Music City.

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