You can only collaborate if your numbers match: Nucleya

Music producer-DJ wants to work with anyone and everyone, but says everything is heavily regulated by music labels and music industry giants

Music producer-DJ Nucleya recently performed in the capital and thrilled audiences with his smooth beats. Ecstatic at the idea of ​​doing live concerts again, he says: “I missed it! I’m really glad we’re back, meeting new people, playing new music… I don’t do gigs every week, but it’s good to be back on the road.

Scroll through his discography and you’ll see plenty of collaborative projects, as he finds it “a great way to learn more about music and creativity.” However, music creator Let’s Nacho (Kapoor & Sons; 2016) adds that the industry’s “numbers-driven” mindset is often a hindrance. “In the music industry, everything is heavily governed by music labels. You can only collaborate with any artist if your numbers match… I want to work with people who are creative in the same space than me, big or small artists,” says Nucleya, whose real name is Udyan Sagar.

He also tells us that last year he couldn’t finish his track with singer Arijit Singh: “What I imagined for the song never happened, so I dropped it. It’s not because of Arijit. It turns everything into gold. I want to be 110% proud of the work I have done. I didn’t feel it with this song… Maybe I’ll finish it and put it in the album this year.

Continuing with electronics and bass, he remains faithful to his unique musical lexicon. Ask him about it and the 42-year-old responds, “I’m always on the lookout for something unique. If I have to do electronic music, how can I make it different? Recently, someone close also asked me this: what is the need to make things different? I had no answer for him; I still don’t.

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