Yungblud kisses the guitarist on stage as he delivers a ‘wild’ performance at Glastonbury

Yungblud took to the stage all the guns at Glastonbury this year, and he was so excited he kissed his guitarist mid-solo.

The 24-year-old singer – real name Dominic Richard Harrison – appeared on the John Peel Stage tonight (June 25) where he opened with his song strawberry lipstick.

When his guitarist launched into a solo, Yungblud jumped up as usual before running towards the musician, pulling his face to his and planting a kiss on the lips.

Credit: BBC

After finishing the track, he shouted “Glastonbury” before saying, “I’ve waited my whole life to say that.”

On Twitter, the reaction to his set has been mixed, with some not sure what to make of it.

“Showing my mum yungblud’s set and she’s so scared,” one wrote, while another said, “First time this weekend listening to/watching Glasto… Yungblud is kinda interesting.”

A third who had no problem expressing his disdain for him said, “Watching Yungblud and I don’t even slightly understand the call, he’s absolutely unbearable.”

Others, however, were into her high-energy performance, including this person who simply said, “Smashing it.”

A second chimed in, “Yungblud is a class artist! Absolute tunes # Glastonbury2022.”

A third who tagged the singer wrote, “Honestly if you ever see it live, jump at the chance. It’s a crazy show!”

The singer also performed a new song during his set, and fans were absolutely thrilled.

“Omg this new song,” one said, while another added, “Oh new song…love it already!!”

There were also a lot of comments from people saying they “felt old” for not knowing who Yungblud is.

If you fall into this camp, know that the indie-rock artist is best known for titles such as seventeen below, hypersonic missiles and shall we talk.

Following the release of his debut album in 2019, the boy from North-Shields rose to fame at such a pace that he is now one of the biggest names to perform at Glastonbury this year, along with Billie Eilish.

Speaking of which, Eilish made history at Glastonbury this year by becoming the youngest performer to headline the main stage.

The 20-year-old has also been the festival’s first female headliner since 2016, when Adele took the stage.

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